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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



To recover the drone technology (as I said above) that China was stealing via the Taliban.(if ITS TRUE). I give it credence.

It may be in Diego Garcia - but why????

The planes are full of flotation material - all the seats etc and PFD's. Nothing has surfaced in the earths waters. The plane was taken. I say Diego Garcia. Google earth it and see the bombers, airstrips, huge ships etc there. The yanks recovered their drone technology that was on that flight from Malaysia to China after being in the Chinese embassy in Malaysia since they bought the crashed drone in Afghanistan. That's as I read it.

This country needs an benevolent atheist dictator. Any suggestions?

Perhaps you should ask Mr Houston !!!! He appears to be close the the almighty one he professes knows everything about everything !!!!!!

I must admit that most males I've known over decades have all had eyes for young school girls. Obviously the majority never carry through their thoughts. I'd sit back wondering why they would want someone who had no idea of what was going on. Perhaps this is what its like with my gender, a sort of "teacher" psyche? I'm glad it was something that was lacking in me. Be honest guys what is it?

Diego Garcia for sure.

Because they can't get a job anywhere else - hide behind "the book" - and are just sick cons!!

The problem seems to be with males, not any particular religion or Club.

The fact that Frank Houston was a paedophile does not mean that Hillsong is a Fiddlers Society. I am sure there are many well meaning people who go there to learn about God.

A devil there may not be, but there is devilry aplenty. If God exists, he is a rather feckless asshole, tolerating the actions of ISIS, rock spiders trading under his banner, diseases like Ebola and the likes of Green politicians.

At the end of the day, I believe most of the worlds problems are due to the lack of normal love and sex.

Right now, what would you prefer to be doing other than having a shag, a quick knee- trembler or tomorrow, Sunday a warm morning in bed doing it till lunch time?

Saw an interview yesterday about US border guards catching some and wondering how many they miss.

I,ll believe in GOD when I see him or one of his mates walking on water , preferably not where I,m fishing, no matter what GODBOTHERING mob EXCLUDING MUSSO,S you,ll always find rockspiders at the highest elevation when you dig deep enough

Because all religion is based around sex and debauchery, they are obsessed with it. Missionary position, thighing, they all have their sex tales to tell everyone.

Some crimes against children happened inside the God's church. why God did not lift a finger to save those children? most paedophile priest died of old age, some inside jail but never struct by lightning or even heart attack, is God complicit to the crime of paedophilia? But notice how many innocent children died in that Indonesian tsunami courtesy of God.

I know a very talented musician who became involved with Hillsong. They bled him dry. He finally "saw the light" and high tailed it out of there. Houston and his wife are parasites. Further, and this is something they never show on their little telecasts, I was conned into going to one of their huge meets at The Opera House. When they passed around the offertory plates, they were huge plastic buckets. People were throwing $100 and much more into them. Shysters.

.because it's easier.

And now you know why the muslims are becoming so powerful. They train their people from birth, and the peoplefollow. Just like this bullshit artist. And whydo people follow? Because it's easier to follow, than make your own path. And when someone saves themfrom their perilous path, they shout with glee, and givethat person a medal. And as soon as they arecomfortable, and feel safe again,they tell that person to bugger off andstay out of their way,while they strut around showingthe world once again how mighty they are. People will never change, and as long as there are fools who will listen, the cunning will prosper. And they always will, as they always have, because most of the people like to be fools

Every time I see that guy on TV, I get a negative feeling about him. Has been happening for years.