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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



The idiots that fall for the $1000 a week job at ISIS : They wont pay ... if you get unionised they just shoot you. bang goes your $1000. The Muzzos are on a one way win with this. The idiots are all cannon fodder. They are too dumb to see this.

Union featherbedding killed Holden and Ford.

Work for the dole wasn't such a bad idea in theory, however it turned out to be a bit of a farce once the agencies and certain church groups got their fingers in the pie. Theoretically someone who was long term unemployed was supposed to do voluntary work or training for 6 months then be able to access funding for further training to help secure employment. So things like forklift ticket, driver's licence, short TAFE courses (no more than Cert. III). In practice the agencies got their bounty and as long as it could be 'justified' that the training would help get a job.

One agency told me once that they'd had funding approved for Tae Kwon Do lessons for a young fellow who wanted to be a security guard. When I asked if getting his licenses and other tickets would have helped him get employed in the industry over a few Tae Kwon Do lessons, they told me that those were out of the scope of the funding. The same went for textbooks and other materials required for higher education. So that was the agency side of it, bonus paid for putting someone on a WFTD program and bonus paid once they completed it (and if they didn't dole, got cut off for non-compliance).

Those church groups saw it as an opportunity to get free labour for themselves. They'd either get approval for a 'landcare/landscaping' program or an 'IT skills' or 'Adult Literacy and Numeracy'program and then set the dolies to work in their church. One program I saw run was being double dipped as one part of it was 'IT skills' and the other was 'Adult Numeracy and literacy' yet all the dolies were in the same room doing office stuff for the church. One guy I spoke to said it was utterly soul-crushing since what they were doing wasn't teaching him any new skills. He'd even offered to run a proper IT skills course for them, but was told that he was there to work and it would be against the rules...

do they feed and house them as well.give them the guns the virgins and the local goatee

I noticed that when the heat was on that idiotic idea that Kevin Andrews disappeared. I suspect that after the stink of Workchoices that Kevin's face reminds them of the dark side of the liberal party.

Watch "Utopia" on the ABC TV and you will understand where these ideas go .

Nominating a set number of jobs you must apply for is just a farce. Whenever we advertise on for sales staff and state in capital letters they must have previous experience selling paint we get hundreds of replies form people with no sales experience whatsoever.

It’s just so easy today to log on to, set up a profile and request alerts for all sales jobs advertised in your area. You then set up one CV and a generic application letter and as every job notification comes in you just flick off your CV and letter. Then to make your life easy you just print out the list of jobs you have applied for from your profile and present it to Centerlink when requested.

Hell you don’t even have to get off the couch to comply with the regulations and these days you can do it all on your phone.

Panda, and that dingbat also probably lives in Canberra ..... the most liveable city in the world. Just goes to show how bad that judgement really is: The OECD!

A good idea not even contemplated it seems. Here it is again: Why not bring in national Service? Get everyone who is unemployed into the scheme, pay them their dole payments but they go out in squads etc to help communities instead. Then even the muzzos will have to join. If they do not, and are still unemployed then cut their (don't tempt me ..!) ..payments off!

Don't blame Tony for that asinine requirement. Some Department Dingbat, probably an ALP member, slipped it in.

I think that the real problem is that Australia is producing a large number of ignorant Drongos. You are correct ,WKG , on the outcome !The future is in technology ,R&D ,trade skills . There are less jobs for Labourers, waterside workers ,etc.

It's ok to sort out the details of how many jobs to look for etc but the main point is actually to have people to working for the dole. It can only have positive outcomes. Labor wants them to destroy their souls and do nothing because Labor believes that way they keep on voting Labor.

That was always a silly requirement and they're right to drop it. Obviously made by some non-business orientated bureaucrat that gave the gov into deep problems.