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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The cheer squad also have man boobs like that 'dead man walking' ....

I just realized that the cheer squad were actually bearded and probably blokes, although definitely overweight!

Stick your 'symbolism'!!!! Symbolism is when the Greens discuss rural matters over a frigging latte in Chapel St.
Symbolism is something muslims perfected, it's what they and the Greens have in's all about seeming not doing.
Yet!...........all I hear is the whine of faux 'victimisation', taqiyya and the chant of the ISIL cheer squad...........
And yeh...nah, I won't be going to the mosque open day!!

Can Muslim women have free access as well?

Well, we hear nothing but trouble everywhere else in the world these people go. What makes Australia different to any other country that is experiencing problems? Just curious.

Great cartoon Larry

OT - Sun has an article re Pauline Hanson - great piece - because we ALL agreed with Pauline in 1997 - and look at the mess we are in now! Keep talking Pauline - you will still achieve - and young Jacqui - steady as she goes - you are young in the system - bit wreckless - but we agree with you on the burqas -

OF - - AB has a photo of TA on his site this morning wearing his speedos - what a hunk!

Anyone over the age of 25 has lived in the best Australia had to offer and we will never ever have it again. The left and the do gooders and the PC mob have changed us forever and the saddest part is we let it happen.

would have to be a bulldogs supporter

Be careful of a fatwa Larry. Oh no. It is alright if you insult the booby ones as long as you don't insult the prophet!

Reminded me of the oldie but goodie. Muslim kid at shopping centre gets lost, reports to security saying "I can't find my mother". "What does she look like?" Ask security. "How the hell would I know?" replies little Ahmed.

And how can anyone anything know for sure that the hijab(or whatever)-wearing thing is NOT a male suicide bomber ?? Not that Milne cases a toss about that sort of. Thing, as long as she can have her whinge whinge whinge about all things related to Abbott.

IF, IF there was an attack by a radical Muslim group on Australia I can just see Milne up there sheeting the entire blame to Tony Abbott. Nothing to do with psychotic indoctrinated behaviour on the part of the Mohammedists.

I resent your comment on brown paper bags D J , up here in QLD we have been the leaders in the manufacture of the re-inforced brown paper bags business which came about prior to the fitzgerald inquirey , even olde joh gave his seal of approval which was copied from an Asian gentleman who visited him often .

Ban the brown paper bag! We are mature enough to take it. You have to come to understand that you're not animals. Seriously, we won't be appalled or laugh at your appearance. We understand it isn't your fault, it is just a cruel act of nature. Come out from under there. There's no need to hide yourself.

er.....Me thinks many of my fellow Sheeples DON'T get the Real Joke here Laz.
Too Deep Mate.


They are not four bearded ladies in the stands, mr bruce, there are no prams or multiple children with them and they look to be having fun. They are four very ugly men - yuk!

Brilliant, theyre running on to do the haka

Run Fatima Run.