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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Gina.. is that you .

It's a cracker of a cartoon !

As with a lot of cultures I have seen the beautiful and the ugly.

I have seen some of the most beautiful women who hide their beauty behind the veil and yet some who it should be compulsory to hide theirs.

Having said that we must all be treated equal. Ban all clothing that covers the face.

Gee Larry your game. Jeremy Clarkson told that joke a few years ago about seeing a muslim woman's burqa lift up in wind on a London street revealing a G-string.

British muslims didn't see the funny side claiming offence and hilariously proclaiming no one insults our women. He subsequently had a fatwa put on him

Straight up I think the burqa has no place in our society. I hope, though, that we can refrain from generalising Muslim women as fuglies. I have many as clients and due to the type of work, they must remove face coverings (and most other coverings). There is pretty much the same ratio of fugly:DDG (drop dead gorgeous) as the "Western women" or "Asian women" I see. Let's keep the burqa debate on subjugation rather than cheap shots at women.

How about a sex crazed Arab man horny for a root and lifts the the burqa to find a 90 year old sheila with no teeth cackling at him ; Hell that would be good protection for women if men thought they could have that experience which would haunt them for life .

Yep.....Christeen Mildew would look GOOD in a Green One.

Anything is better than a camel or a goat.

MILNE should be made to wear one ALWAYS.

Definitely Clive.

She sure is one hateful unit Hermes' Its those eyes that give me the creeps.

Hermes, must be a disguise. Or maybe she has gone undercover literally!!!

Is that Ms Lambie bending over?

But Bot, you still wouldn't know who was driving the burqa.

In all these 'discussions' on the wearing of this item of clothing, I always recall Ataturk's statement about the wearing of the burqua. When he was asked to legislate the wearing of this apparel he stated that women were free to dress as they liked, but all prostitutes MUST wear the burqua. That stopped all debate. The burqua, to me, is a symbol of men's control /enslavement of women. It is no different than female circumcision. This is why I cannot understand the 'libertarian' women of our age advocating its wearing.

Very funny LP and I agree his comment was not well phrased, although I agree with him and wish these hideous things were not worn in Australia. Now that he has also intervened in the burqua clad people separation in Parliament I'm expecting hordes of burqua clad people to turn up to claim their 'rights' What if people turn up in motor cycle helmets? Will they be admitted to parliament house within the same rule ?

Should be compulsory for all the queers in ABC/SBS...

Morning Tony. What's on today mate? Gone soft cock on identity fraud? Is it a bloke under that?A shopping trolley?A bomb? Wake up. If you were voted out tomorrow for something you know is common sense, you will have done what you were meant to do. It would be great to think "I'll do whatever it takes" isn't applied in the wrong direction. Look after the country Tony. It might hurt a few whacko's, but that's too bad.

That would indicate one of those ugly tarts on ABC !

The burka, with its tiny window of mesh over the eyes, and the niqab, with its letter-slit opening, are tools of patriarchy used to subjugate women. This shroud of cloth thrown over women defies freedom. It is a symbol of control. Wearing it signifies an acceptance of segregation of the sexes. The cultures which demand such segregation are societies in which men are considered the natural superiors to women.

The fact that Western, democratic governments allow this garb to be worn in secular societies is evidence that "gender equality" and the "liberation of women" are still just vague aspirations, mouthed with weak intent. Unless of course you're French.

In an historic address on Monday the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, called for an outright ban on this hideous instrument of control. "The burka is not a sign of religion," he said, "it is a sign of enslavement. It is a sign of subservience." His rally cry has been brewing for years, as the French parliament has watched with alarm the growing number of burkas and niqabs appearing in French cities.