The Pickering Post
Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Ned Kelly identified himself as Irish

Well at least it saves them from shaving

....which is the bride???

Mr shorten could bounce one on his knee...

so long as they sit on the LEFT eh?

You have excelled yourself - the faceless ALP, the isolation imposed on women by the burqua, the smug political correctness in the celebrants stance - the new face of Australia - the new style of the 'little aussie battler' - the power of this current movement .... and much more. Thankyou, Paul.

It will soon be the outfit of choice of all hit and run bandits, the hoody is dead all hail the Burqa as the new method of hiding criminals faces!

Kiss the Bride? what if they were both Grooms?

Kiss the bride. HOW???

I seem to remember John Howard saying when elected. PC shit is OVER! We speak English here, not a contrived form of English dreamed up by braindead yanks. Berkley University I think. we really know that it isn't Kelly in the black garb? For all we know his successors may well be walking our streets right now, even walking into banks, airports, etc. I must say I am very surprised at Abbott being so bloody PC, and intimidated by the likes of Milne and SHY.

That woman is surely too tall. Very few six to nine year olds are that tall. The only woman I have seen in a burqa was quite diminutive.

Us Aussies are being discriminated against by the Banks etc - we can't wear headgear, but the burqa is allowed? Go figure!!

This evening I went into a bottle shop and get some wine and on the door was a sign No helmets allowed to be worn in the shop and I asked why is there not also a sign about wearing a burka? I indicated much the same as both cover up the facial feature of a person. There was no reply. So why don't Banks who have signs as they do banning the wearing of Helmets ban the wearing of burkas. Both do the same hide the identity of the wearer.

Seeing the women reckon they should be allowed the burqa then I reckon the male Moslem's should be made to wear a plastic Ned Kelly helmet .

It reminds me of a party 2 girlfriends and I attended once; a fancy dress, so we went as triplet`s masked , all wore the same thing.It created utter confusion all night.It was an identity debacle.But here it is a security and identity issue(not a Party).I never would have thought yrs later , the depth of a prank was paradoxical.

Ha, ha!

If Kelly was around today he would be a bloody cert to convert to Islam as an excuse to hit back at society for picking on him.

yeah, Ned would have made a great moslem, he's got the private parts well shielded in case of an accident. can't do much with 72 virgins if you've left your jollys back on earth.