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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The greatest bunch of soft cocks on the planet, and giving Sweden a run for its money in the Pollies Soft Cock Stakes!!!

I rode my motorbike to near the border of QLD and NSW, earlier this year. I was asked if I was going to the Gold Coast, NO WAY I replied, I don't want that much hassle. and I am just a bloke who likes to ride for fun.

There should have been a ? after the word few .

Campbell Newman's mum Jocelyn was brilliant and would've made a better prime minister than Johnny.

It is not seen as child abuse seeing children are a commodity within Islam to do their birth duty to follow their Muslim path as is their honour that they be martyred for their Allah .

Shorten speaks the exact same line when talking about his union buddies

Soorley is now head of Unity Water where our bills have quadrupled over the last 3 years. He is a labor fool who was a bad Lord Mayor of Brisbane, and given this job by Bligh as a gift.

Don't forget that Qld. was all but bankrupt, Botswana. Tough men for tough times. His record in sorting out Bris CC from the ravages of Soorly , was remarkable.

I can't see that Newman would have any problem answering questions. However, it's the MSM that will twist and insinuate. I voted for Campbell to sort out my State , not to be sidetracked by this vendetta !

Heard Brandis say that Newmann is not obliged to answer senate questions and could take the senators involved to court (or did I misunderstand Brandis in the Press Club Address?)

Botswana , I take your point about the GC but it is still a unique tourist attraction. There is nothing quite like the beach and waterways The sense of ' excitement' , is the draw card. Not for those that prefer a quiet life tho ' ! Perhaps Hervey Bay ( God's waiting room ) is the exact opposite to GC ? Me thinks that the Chinese are smarter than Palmer .

Families avoid nightclubs,whores and drug dealers are attracted to them,easy,close down the nightclubs.The Qld govt had to do something,there are billions invested in the GC to cater for holidaying families,those who attend nightclubs the young and the crims spend their money on drugs and booze the wider community misses out.If this was to go on the value of property would fall which would have a flow on effect to other areas.

Palmer is a one hit wonder....I doubt that he will be given a second shot at being a politician after the next election.

Half the bloody bikies are now muslimes. If the bikies and Bargarse Palmer don't like him Campbell Newman MUST be on the right track.


Beautiful Double Standard. Is the bikie one of the Concerned Citizens who had their bank account Closed by Bendigo Bank?

Most noticeable on the Gold Coast- it's now full of families , tourists and happy people. Last year the place was in serious decline and crime was rampant. Not all crime was Biker inspired , of course !

The Newman Government has taken a strong interest into the criminal activities of bikies in Queensland and the bikies are losing interest in Queensland. Campbell you have the guts and the spirit to make Queensland a better place for all Australians. I wish you well and success in what you are trying to achieve.

Good point, well made, Larry. As always.

Love the head behind the terrorist/islamic moslem .