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Thursday, 17th January 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



We should be grateful that when their women are so ugly the Muslim men insist that they are well covered.

No Australian likes it! At least Pauline and Jacqui have got the fortitude to say what we are all saying and blogging about - stupid Muslims - very ugly people.

Wash your mouth out.

Mr Bruce. Will you fight to defend our way of life? I wonder

Completed higher degrees are a mark of intelligence? Shirley Knot! If it were so the ABC would actually have an audience for the biased rubbish that spews out of the studios.

I second that Lauretta.

Well Jaqui-Jaqui and Pauline BOTH got it RIGHT
Too bad NOBODY took Pauline seriously way back then.

Hey,Paul,you must have been a fan of that great cartoon "The Herculoids" - your burqa darlings look like a black Gleep and Gloop.

recently shared an elevator with one of these in an hotel in Wien, the experience was overpowering would have thought the Donau had run dry.

I don't care why she does it or if she is or isn't Aboriginal. I totally agree with her in the muslim issues and good on her for saying it loud.

You just well cop it!.. Lambie has the right idea... she might be a Rhodes scholar but, as I said, she has the right idea. Let us give her a fair go!

Excellent.. could be anyone under that damn bur qua!!!

Paul, a great cartoon but it needs revision. The 'darleks' or 'IS letterboxes' should be travelling well behind the bearded Islamist fool. Please correct this important detail, by moving the fool forward.

Mav-t: That's Lambie's job to do our bidding and what level of intelligence do you place yourself ?

Mansell is as blackfella as you and I and his families have run Tasmanian Abbo affairs as their own . I want a DNA carried out on him .

or so I read somewhere!

yeah, the one whose ancestor was a violent whaler.

Mecca: a Scotsman with a Kiwi accent?

Now that one I get:)

It is possible that the person hidden under the burkha may not be female in every case as it well documented and reported on that Arab men are not averse to a bit of arse.