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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Islam, as it is currently being practised at least, is not a religion, it is a violent murderous cult.

Spot on Up The Worker it's a cult plain and simple!

Also under 18C I'm offended at the operation of purely Islamic "schools" where in my belief all the radical teachings are conducted.

Islam is not a religion, but a cult of DEATH!

Religion has been the biggest killer to Mankind. Time to get rid of the lot of it. No Exceptions.

Tony abbott should step down as PM so the LNP can promote someone else who is not religious .

As I've said before "Religion of Peace" utter bullshit. Everywhere they go, chaos grows. If it were peace, why the hell can't they find it after 500 years? Its not religion, its tribal merchant politics and they take it with them where ever they go. Australia will become the Middle East in 20 years, we will have what goes on over there, here! I'm so bloody sick of seeing these on TV, QandA, all through the ABC they are over represented as if they have assimilated. I don't see any Jews wearing kippahs on the ABC programs. I don't see any robed Buddhists. These are pushy intolerant bods.

Paul I agree with Tony, You also have it WRONG! with respect to you, As Shimon Peres said, "In the Middle East, the conflict today is a matter of generations and not of cultures."

I think TA is right ,'it has nothing to do with religion'. Islam is just an evil stone age cult foundered by a mass murdering paedophile/rapist and accordingly should be made to forfeit its religious status in Australia including tax emptions and all government subsidy to muslim schools

I can't understand why islam is not religion when my dictionary says islam is the religion as preached by Mohammed. But I thought it was the political arm of the religion as well. No one will say it as it OFFENDS the poor precious people.