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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Well done! No wukkas!

It will take an alternate party to do it Kenny. They (the pollies) only act if they think their lifestyle is threatened ...Obviously Islam poses no threat to them.

...and there in lies the "New Age" anti-establishment! A few decades ago to shock your parents was to become a Communist. Now a days it becoming a Muslim! Why don't these converts taste the real Islam and migrate to where its lived in its purest form.

Well done Paul, I so over these bloody apologists. All atrocities in the world currently are done by Muslims. They will never change, its their enjoyment, their culture to disagree on minute details. Arseholes th lot of them. I see Jim Molan today say that the Iraqui soldiers "ran" because their officers did. Aint it amazing, gutless bloody cowards, they'd sooner cultivate or bear children to become martyrs, brainwash them to strap on a vest and suicide. Too gutless to even do it themselves. Of course they are going to run. Pure EVIL.

The word 'Muslim' means submissive.

Paul, why didn't you give Abbott a gun?

The very clever subtleness of the message about Islamic ideology (the message).... without specific reference to Muslims (the people) is compelling... to thinking people.

Well done Paul, says it all really.

You got Abbott right .

The cartoon should not disguise politicians as police.

I think the coppers know more of what's going on than the rest of us because they are at the coal-face.

The problem is the Police, like all government workers won't speak the truth(as with policing, 10% do 90% of the crime and clearly you don't have to a genius to work out who the 10% are) .

They are too scared of putting their jobs in jeopardy. It is forbidden for Government employees to speak to the media, so what does that tell you?

OKAY paul I know who the copper is with the big ears is supposed to be but who is his mate with the big ISUPPOSE aka nose ??

Can't say I agree with Bolt jumping to support Lambchops' latest social media gaffe. Lambchops, being an ex-meathead and all, should have twigged to the pistol lanyard, something your average terrorist wouldn't want (after all, why bother with weapon retention if you might need to drop into the nearest bin as you make your escape). Bolta should have just left this one well alone, especially when you consider one of the burkha wearers rounded up just happened to be the one who lied about the copper 'tearing her veil off...' More meat in arguing that story, than an inappropriately captioned photo of a policewoman murdered for the sins of working and providing access to justice for other oppressed women, shared by an unintelligent PUP...

Can anyone send this cartoon and other classics from this site to the ABC program "INSIDERS" for its 'Talking Pictures' segment with Mike Bowers?

One of your absolute best. I hope everyone in our Govt. sees this.

Excellent, Paul. Reminds me of the old saying: "Nero fiddles while Rome burns" History repeating itself?

You didn't mention the word "islam" in that Paul. However it is too true.

Excellent. The Aussie mantra of ' giving everyone a fair go' ( bullshit in any case) is the very thing these camel-shaggers are banking on.

Paul, was it just too horrific to show a severed head? You should have. There are just so many cement for brain Aussies who still don't think there is a problem.

When will our politicans grow some balls ?