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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Is that Waaled Ali reporting for the ABC?

Oh yeah! and Tony ABBOTT caused all the problems and is the route of all evil in our world!

He is in total denial as are the rest of Labor their supporters, Milne, SHY, Bandt and the rest of the leftard wanker brigade!! There was no RAPE, there was no AWU scandal, there is no deficit or economic disaster, Muslims are not terrorists, they are valued voters! There was no boat or illegal immigrant problem! We did not lose the last election, we are currently regrouping and are on sabatical!

I have no respect for this man, I doubt he knows where to draw the line on anything. His ambitions know no bounds and he would sell his mother to attain his goals.

You're a funny man Larry.

Larry, please do a cartoon with the newly arrived Muslims from Syria and Iraq holding a severed head of Bill Shorten who has invited them to our country.

Don't let it rest, Larry, keep it up!

Having been involved in interviewing sex abuse victims of the catholic church I can tell you it is very hard for the victims,firstly to come forward, and secondly tell someone who at that first meeting is a stranger.What often comes out strongly is that the victims sometimes believe it is all their fault! I have spoken to accused priests who claim "the victim wanted it". I have met people who kept the secret for up to 60 years.They couldn't even tell their parents and one I met had been married for 40 odd years and was terrified that his wife would find out and leave him.And often they come up against the Statute of Limitations. Laws passed by Pedophile Pollies to protect themselves from the courts.Until others come forward Shorten is safe.Rapists rape and continue to rape all their lives.

If this lady wants justice , a blog is not the answer ; She should contact the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse and let them do their magic .

I, personally, do not like Bill Shorten and I despise his politics but I abhor the kangaroo court that has found him guilty without a skerrick of tested evidence. Grow up people, if there is any truth in the accusations take them to a real court and prove it... You are showing yourselves to be no better than the accusers of "that punch" allegedly performed by an angry 19 year old Tony Abbott... I hope you are comfortable in such illustrious company...

It's only 4 letters but it's a very offensive word. He's really fucked some other people's lives up on his climb to the top hasn't he.

I can just believe he was able to reach high enough for the line using the step stool but someone else wrote the word up right? Someone of higher moral and physical stature perhaps? (Can't help thinking that more might be made of associations between BS and step stools).

Heh, heh, thanks Larry . . . and about time. I've been suffering from cartoon deprivation.