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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at




I luvvsss uuuu Jacqui!

Paul your Lambo is brilliant! So are your Muslims.

Currumbun mosque application; GOOD NEWS; It's been rejected!! We Won! The majority voted against the proposal in favour of the community. (4 in favour of the applicant, 9 with us and 2 abstained from voting). Thank you CHANGE .ORG...

Stuck at the frontline, the Kiwi jihadi who wants to come home. He has forfeited his right & if they let him back I'll be very disappointed with the Kiwis & the same for Australia.
HE is the “adventurer” who travelled to Syria, posed with ¬machines guns and claimed to have joined al-Qa’ida. Now the former Sydney man has had enough and wants to come home. There are hurdles, however. He has burned his New Zealand passport, is having trouble getting a new one and faces the possibility of criminal charges if he does return.

Lambie's suggestion to reserve places in the Senate and the Lower house for aborigines and indigenous people is racist.

Just announced that Controversial Gold Coast mosque rejected :-)

The media have failed to report that the 4 men of Middle Eastern appearance have tried unsuccessfully , to break into a school armoury for weapons. A female was driving the get away car, but wait ....... there is more ..... a school armoury????????????

Lambie is rough as guts, an embarrassment, obnoxious & silly as a snake with her "indigenous" & other nonsense. But I agree with her on her Moslem solution of "get out if you want to force your Sharia & other rubbish onto us". So for me that puts her way above the other embarrassments, obnoxious, silly as snakes Senators, Mad Milne (her right eye has dropped down lower than the left), Silly Sarah Sea Patrol, Rachel Siewert, Lee Rhiannon & Larissa Waters. So I live in hope.

The general sentiments expressed here are probably indicative of what the general population would vote for if as Cinerama notes, a referendum on Islamic immigration was to take place. Common sense seems to be lacking in the political community or is it the paradox of political correctness v political will? For f***ks sake will some political leader be a leader and stand up for once and state the bleeding obvious?

I am sick to bloody Christ of people say we can't do this we can't do that because of the law, public servants signed an agreement or its the constitution.

We are the people, we make the law, we vote in referendums we need to change it.

Islamic immigration was a mistake, and as time goes bye is becoming a bigger mistake .

Clear statements need to be made, we didn't vote to flood the country with human rubbish, the experiment has failed, correct it now.

Judging from the vitriolic comments about Lambo on this site it appears obvious that a lot of posters are in full support of the introduction of Sharia Law! She is showing more raw guts and balls than the pussy we have to endure as a PM. Abboutface can't even mention the muslims and terrorism in the same sentence just like the girly pommy PM! While she is a Member of the Australian Senate earning $250,000pa plus, plus, plus she leaves a bunch of her critics for dead in their armchairs!

Nailed it Paul Z

Paul, Give Lambie a donga the same as Gillards. Lambie and Gillard make a great pair of halfwits.

Lambie was, is and always will be a fucking embarrassment to any clear thinking Australian. One statement concerning Muslims and all of a sudden she's the flamin' messiah. Get friggin' real people. She was a fuckin' meathead! And she reckons she's an Abbo'. Even the elders of her people deny her. She's a con. As far as weapons go, she may have used a semi auto' 9mm pistol as her personal weapon and maybe a steyer occasionally. BFD. She wouldn't recognise a '60 if one was shoved in her ugly mouth. Past, present and future serving military females should NOT use this thing as an example of military professionalism. Lambie was, is and always will be a disgrace to the uniform and flag of Australia.

Our Constitution protects all religions and it would be difficult to curb Islam. We may be able to call it a quasi religion and ban it, we may try to outlaw a 'religion' that seeks to eliminate all other religions and philosophies and threatens with death all who disagree with it. But we can curtail it by banning sharia law, halal certification fees, burkas, ISIS flags and symbols, support for a world wide caliphate, posters and chants demanding the death of infidels and anything that would lead to the Islamisation of Australia.

As much as I dislike this firecracker of a woman, this is one issue that I and a greater majority of the population agree with. regrettably, there are a growing number of Australian born islamists that either have been brainwashed into the 6th century moranic way of thinking, or they are just morons anyway. Anyhow, if they don't like the Judo-Christian country, they can go live permanently in a backward Islamic country .. no returns.

A good idea would die a lonely death in this twits head AND that voice.... She makes Julia Gillard sound like Annie Lennox. Aussie Politics has been in such a low point for the past 15 years and its getting lower than a snakes gut in a tyre track now.

For the first time I will agree with her. The first intelligent thing she has said since becoming a Senator. Mr P Zanetti.. there are some nice cadilac`s pictured on this Aretha Franklin song remix.. I thought you might appreciate the variety.I have never seen so many styles myself.U Tube is good in that regard that we can share links..?