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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



How about a scheme of redeemable votes. Everyone has one, but it can be cast, redeemed for cash or at a beer tent next to the polling place. Seems like democracy to me. Tempts the floating bludger and those with no interest. Few conservatives (are there any others left out there (please) would do anything but vote.

Proportional voting and the Hare-Clark scheme in particular are undemocratic. If I wish to abstain for voting for any of the idiots, I get a $50 fine. If I follow the law and vote for someone I despise I am violating my conscience.

Can't tolerate the man. Good cartoon, sums him up.

Brilliant Paul - you've got our Clive down to a "t". In my absence, I see that Glenn "The Brick" has proposed a fat tax and that pretty much sums up his total policy contribution to the nation. Der, did it not occur to him that he, himself, personally and our Clive will be hit hardest for their chomping habits. Perhaps he's targeting industry for producing food which he and our Clive can't resist eating by the barrow load. Golly, gosh, the rest of us will end up having to pay for Glenn and our Clive's "largesse"..

I asked once before of how any one would react any different to Palmer seeing the Chinese mob were not paying for the ore that was coming out of Palmers mining lease so he looks like he has latched onto any money he could find of theirs seeing he has been stitiched up by them not paying the agreed upon rates of royalties .

Clive seems to be all over the shop. He must have a lot of stress on his plate at present. I am betting there will be a by-election in his electorate before his term is out.

Strike a light... Another white aborigine...

Not too happy with this one -

Smacks a little too much of another scheme that involved lots of public money to bail out floundering industries...

Odd that Bill and friends are against it, though...

The old Palmer ticker must be under huge stress, any day now. How does he wipe his date?

Mineralogy have admitted that they did not buy a $2.5m marine vessel for use as security at the West Australian iron ore port as per their 2013 budget. The boat was supposedly purchased in 2012. I remember about that time Clive Palmer purportedly paid $5m for a boat for his daughter's 15th birthday. Hmmmm.

This joker has no chance of winning the seat of Fairfax again. He got in by 53 votes and there are more than 27 around the Palmer Resort ghost town that have changed their vote.

Who's the bloke with the seegar? :-?

Has anyone else got a funny little green apple thing on screen which prompts an ad when clicked on? WTF

Fatso is going broke. His Chinese partners are going to withdraw there money. Fatso you will be declared brancrupt in the very near future.

I give Clive some credit. He's making Pauline Hanson look like Mother Teresa.

I suppose we will see a lot more of this behaviour from that lot. Hopefully in a couple of years, Tony tells them to get stuffed.

I hope that those two dopes really enjoyed their cigars .... stupid image that will forever provide "let them eat cake" ammunition against them ....

Whats the usual treatment for a rabid dog?

If only Clive were to change his undies as often as he changes his mind. On second thought, a photo of Clive changing his undies would be gross!

That is a fantastic Clive. Paul, I think You are the champion drawer of the fat man, but he could be a bit fatter with his buttons straining across the middle. Sorry Larry.