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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Love it

Yes Larry very funny. I had to think a lot about this one. I don't know why you didn't do one about Kitching and Asmar the obvious liars last week, that was ore astounding imo. I watched the bits about arguments for why Irving should not cross examine Jackson. If I was the Commissioner I would have ruled it as a No. I think it was unfair for KJ. I could not watch the creep Irving cross examining KJ. It was creepy.

Ex-city councillor loses her mansion
By Leonie Wood
April 20, 2005
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This Parkville mansion belonged to former city councillor Kimberley Kitching, who has lost it, having filed for bankruptcy.

This Parkville mansion belonged to former city councillor Kimberley Kitching, who has lost it, having filed for bankruptcy.
Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

Kimberley Kitching once fancied herself a potential lord mayor of Melbourne. But six months later the flashy former city councillor, who cruised around Melbourne's inner suburbs in a $92,000 series 5 BMW, is bankrupt.

By her own calculations, Ms Kitching owes about $42,000 on that car. A statement of her affairs shows that she, or someone else, has been parking it wherever they like. Ms Kitching owes more than $6600 in parking fines - many to the Melbourne City Council. She says many of the fines were not incurred by her.

That is only part of the picture - all up her debts are $3.8 million.

Ms Kitching, 35, filed for bankruptcy on Friday after failing to dissuade retail tycoon Solomon Lew from pursuing a debt for $3 million arising from her husband's dealings with him.

Her husband, Andrew Landeryou, fled overseas in December just days before he was due in court to explain his role in the collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union. He allegedly moved $1 million out of Australia before fleeing. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Yesterday Ms Kitching lost possession of her two-storey $1.8 million Parkville mansion when the Victorian Supreme Court ordered that Mr Lew could take control of it to partly recoup his debt. After selling the property to repay $608,000 to the Bank of Adelaide, Mr Lew's companies will take the balance and Ms Kitching will have nothing.

Ms Kitching's bankruptcy documents show she owes about $3.8 million, but has no income and almost no assets. She claimed to have just $60 in three bank accounts and about $20,000 of furniture. It appears her living expenses were funded by her father, William, who is owed more than $35,700.

The Parkville house was bought for $1.175 million in 2001, and Ms Kitching estimated it might fetch $1.8 million now.

She also owes about $26,800 to Telstra for broadband and mobile phone services, $16,167 on a credit card, about $30,000 to law firm Baker & McKenzie, and $3608 in council rates.

Now Ms Kitching's father-in-law, the former ALP powerbroker and one-time state minister Bill Landeryou, may also be bankrupted because, along with Andrew, he guaranteed Ms Kitching would pay.

Ms Kitching said she had not seen her husband since December 6. "I have no indication of his whereabouts or whether he intends to return."

What is it with these labor women. They certainly spread it around !!!!

Could it be seen that Ms Jackson became a whistleblower to try and deflect attention from her own activities within the HSU ? Check the time frames as to when she started making noises in regards to Thomson and Williamson . It is just too convient that the paper work has disappeared although wouldn't the auditors or the tax office have copies ?

"Thanks Commish, but I'm all out of pity fucks at the moment."

A little ditty comes to mind ... "She offered His Honour; he honoured her offer; and all that night he was on 'er and off 'er."

I have lived and breathed with a Union whistle blower for the past fourteen years. They destroyed her health and her career. I know exactly what Kathy Jackson is going through.

These (the Union thugs) are the worst type of mongrels God ever put breath into.

HaHaHa sooooooo funny !!!

Who is being billed for her legal representation ?

Cynical,but vaguely accurate I suspect.

wonder if Jilliar has visited the barbers chair?

She said it was a charity fling.

Not one of your best Larry.

Kathy Jackson would have more courage/character than a lot of her detractors who have joined you in the pack rape of a basically decent human being.

Jeez, even the sheilas are missing from the courtroom..........

Larry, now you have blown it for the exact same scenario when Gillard is in the box.

Except that the Commissioner is an intelligent man with some self respect and couldn't possibly offer her anything. I'd hope he would just throw a can of beer at her.


Maybe Larry you should have left Shortarse sitting in a seat with a grin on his face.

Lucky there's no conflict of interest with her current beau. Oh wait...

Job Application - HSU Trade Union.
(Multiple Choice)
1. Do youse know what a Union does?
a) Looks after workers rights and stuff.
b) Looks after Officials rights and their needs - e.g. mortgages, property investments, overseas travel, expenses etc. It therefore takes money from the workers -known as brothers and sisters -who have been done heaps of favours and don't mind.
c) Acts as a candidate feed source for the Australian Labah Pardee. Unions built Orstrayia!
d) All of the above.

2. If youse were employed by the HSU would you:
a) Be prepared to engage in after hours celebrations and important negotiations on a regular basis at hotels, restaurants, lawyers homes, motel rooms etc.?
b) See it as a part of your employment to engage in sexual acts with people important to the union and therefore - your career?
c) Root lawyers from the various legal firms we like to engage who all have enormous appetites for remuneration and other stuff?
d) Only root lawyers who are looking after your interests and the slush funds?

3. Do youse have any special skills that might come in handy to the union:
a) Stripping - at things like Xmas parties as the brothers and sisters wind down after a hard years work.
b) Experience with shredding technologies, creative filing and making things- disappear.
c) Are you able to drive a getaway car with say - the Union boss from a nasty Liberal backed anti-union campaign?
d) How quickly can you load 40 x 20 kilo document boxes into the back of a Union station wagon?
e) Are you or can you be creative with say - credit card slips?

4. Name what you think might be an appropriate restaurant to take someone real important to the Union - to.
a) The Pizza Hut
b) Florentino
c) The Flower Drum
d) The Rock Pool
c) McDonald's

5. Are you a dobber - or can you keep important official Union secrets.
a) Yeah but if the Pleece get nasty I'll cave in.
b) Yeah but I only tell if they catch me with stuff that I can't account for, or in the act or somethink.
c) No - I have the ability to blame others and to think on my feet.
d) Never! I would leave and live in France if I had to!

6. Would youse have a problem with multiple partners as part of a morale boosting exercise?
a) Nope. The more the merrier. And what's in it for me?
b) Yes! I can only have one 'relationship' at a toime.
c) I would follow the Gillard/ Shorten/Jackson/Thompson example - people who have brought a lot of love into the Union movement. It was all really fat, drinking, men before them. And that's why they ended up politicians! The world needs love!

7. Do youse think leaders like Michael Williamson and Craig Thompson are innocent - scapegoats of the bastards from the right - or serious thieving criminals loike they paint them?
a) They are martyrs for the Union movement.
b) They done no wrong - the money in the Union is for the Union people. And they was the bosses for Chrissakes!
c) Michael went too far with the boats and stuff. He had a holiday house and that's standard for Union bosses to wind down and entertain. Even Norm Gallagher had one.
d) Union money is union money. Whose business is it how they spent it? They musta needed it or they wouldn't have it.

8. If you were paid a starting wage of only $200K p.a. - how would you supplement your wage and would you put in a full 36 hour week?
a) No way! How am I gonna live on that!
b) I would do deals with developers because these bastards can be stopped by unions at any toime we want. They just take take take....
c) I'd have to take a second job at a University or somethink.
d) I'd get a slush fund to help with the household expenses.
e) All of the above - plus I'd need a Union credit card for all those sundry expenses that Union workers have.
d) I'd demand more RDO's. 26 is not enough!