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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Stephen 'Zeg' Gunnell, is a talented cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and animator whose work has appeared in a wide range of mass media.



God help this country when people like that vulgar fool and his PUPs can buy their way into the cabinet

Palmer's support will skyrocket at the next election. He is far cleverer than people give him credit for. The fact he will sink Shrek's (Hockey's) idiotic budget ideas will gain him untold support. Media ridicule is going to advance his cause no end. Watch and learn folks!!!!

Love him or hate him, Clive would have forgotten more about the Red Chinese and how they operate than what the posters on this site would know! They are systematically infiltrating the whole Pacific Region plus South America and Africa. Don't be fooled by their inscrutable smile and bearing gifts and cheap loans!

Tony Jones on Q&A has now asked this question twice now of Palmer's interests with the Chinese and the alleged missing money so I am wondering why ? Many people here on the PP have reported their disgust of the bias of the ABC and Tony Jones loaded questions that he knows the answer before he asks them so why is the ABC allowed to act this way seeing the ABC is a tax paid conduit of the Australian government to report facts much like the Chinese Liberation Publication who haven't said boo instead they have joined mainstream journalism and are out to sensationalize their story content by their smug egotistical presenter .instead of living up to what we the tax payer expect of it instead of now we have a conflict of trade from China on the say so of what journalists like Tony Jones say.

Interesting that the Chinese government has not said boo over Clive Palmer's words on Q&A instead we are getting everything from the imagination of journalists from China and Australia who are venting their opinion much like people would do here on the PP ; The official Chinese Liberation publication which is the voice of the Chinese government is saying nothing but it's Chinese/English written sister publication that does not talk for the Chinese Liberation media agency ,are demanding sanctions be placed upon Palmer's business interests and they are citing rascism as being the major point and at the same time we have the Murdoch Press in China saying the same things as with their reporting of Palmer's business interests in Australia all reported by journalists .

"I ink therefore I am" was worth the entry.

That roo is a dynasaur minetinkit!

For those that don't know Zeg is on facebook as well. He does punch out some great 'toons. I must admit I feel a bit put out at how he has portrayed a Roo here, Very harsh on Roo's Mr Zeg. To me Clive Palmer is much more like a bull Elephant Seal.,550x550,075,f.jpg&imgrefurl=


Great work, Zeg. I hope we see more of you.

ummm one of her selection criteria is that any candidate for her affections must be loaded and well hung, so is she looking for them up there perhaps his middle name is Richard.

Good comment - and great cartoon, zeg. Like the multi media effect.

Hello ZeGGgg . Another great Cartoon .. what a treat!.Hope you are well. It`s ``dynomight``!

It would seem the bulbous buffoon has bitten off more than it can chew. Is the vampire bat picking nits out of his hair,or preparing to bite him on the neck?

He should eat less, and shit more - sorry to be so base, but this us how GE needs to be treated