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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I'm no believer in prophecies but for those who do, Nostradamus said that in the early 21st century that a great east v west war would break out and would result in one side obliterating the other allowing the world to live in peace for centuries. It appears to be coming true, we must wipe that lot out or they will wipe us out simple as that. Islam is a cult not a religion and it's followers are a disgrace to the human race. Get rid of limp wristed politicians and vote in someone with balls who will tackle this situation instead of telling us that the muslims are lovely people. The only part of living in our decent countries they like is receiving benefit payments from our fucktard governments who treat these vermin like royalty.

Fancy all the imams being affonted about the new terrorism laws, but one thing the would of noticed is that when they all walked into the meeting with Tony they were the only religion invited, the noose will tighten slowly around them and they know it

No dole for Muslims. Period.

Jack R. That would be one HELL of a mutant!! Reckon even the CSIRO could not create such a 'creature'. Would be more destructive than the 'Man made Ebola Bugger'!

Muslims are dangerously intolerant. Do we really need them?

where the fuck are you going to find one of them ?

fuck the gays send them with the mosos to fuck out of this country

Keep at it Larry - these bearded, rag head, ugly people do NOT BELONG in Australia - bloodywell go back where they came from - we DON'T WANT THEM

AGREE - and tell Abbott of our disgust before it is too late - get rid of the Mongrels (oh, sorry, that word was reserved for CP re the Chinese) - so get rid of all the MONGRELS - if Abbott doesn't do something about these Muslims well the Aussies will - they are disgusting MONGRELS

What Austrtalia needs is to kick out all the Muslims and never let any of them back in!!!!

Do these people swear the "Pledge of Commitment" when they become Australian Citizens? It's at odds with what they do.

Well, if you take out every word before the last then you get what we have plenty of. Muslims.

does that animal exist?

Don't know about the ' gay ' bit , Jack ! Animal lovers would be more acceptable ?

The promise of welfare cuts for their borther/cousin O/S warfare headcuts has had these evil un-Australian bludggers moderate their hate for us just enough so their welfare stream can continue flow.

Are Muslims exempt from seeking employment under the new rules that a person must prove they are looking for work otherwise the dole payments are reduced ?

Eh ! The above does not equate in Muslim land .

Under 18C Muslims can be persecuted and prosecuted for saying anything that upsets Australians in general so why are they allowed to get away with what they say of us infidels ?

Why is it that our elected Government have to go cap in hand to these barbarians in order to upgrade the security. Such action makes them feel important.