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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Ah, the pen is mightier than the sword, very clever.

Swan's book starts with, "The fours years of surpluses I announce today…"

is that SWAN? the worst treasurer this country has ever known? and he still gets paid for sitting in Parliament - what a joke our system is -

Tell me. When The Goose and The Krudd shacked up together in Canberra in their Love-Struck early days, who was the Fucker and who was the Fuckee? Maybe they switched positions every Sunday after Church?

another publishing event that will end up as a pulped fiction. when will publishing houses ever learn that the diminishing number who can read are not interested in anything politicians have to say.

this dickhead only holds his eat by preferences.... what does this say about our electoral system ? Need some reforms I ask ?

Hawkes memoirs were a total flop and mark my words Swan's book will be an even bigger flop..

The insult is that we pay these underperforming retards to write these bloody books- as if we really want to relive their slant on their disasters! I note that KRudd hasn't written his yet - but no doubt the little egomaniac is waiting to see how many of his former cabinet tip a bucket of shit on him before he does. Then he can do a Latham and denounce the lot of them! Sadly the libraries buy them - but only the leftist University Press will print them. I don't think too many major board positions will be offered to this lot - they are on the nose for just too many reasons. World's greatest treasurer my arse!

Yes, aim for the backbone! Sorry, forgot he doesn't have one.

The knives failed to find the backbone.

Took me a while to understand the blue. Bit slow today. Very clever.

How come Wayne wasn't invited to be opposition Treasury spokesperson seeing he had his head into everything the new government is trying to repair at our expense ?

Queensland has a lot to answer for to the political debate - Rudd, Swann, Palmer, Hanson, Hinze, Katter. What a state - must be something in the water - or heat-stroke.

The self proclained "Saviour of our economy !

Did The Bore cover his personal life with Krudd in their early years in Canberra? Never knew which was which in the relationship. Who frigged who? Or was it round-a-bouts every night?

I hear he sold about 10 books: 3 to ABC presenters (Jones, Trioli, Alberici), 1 to Lisa Wilkinson, 1 to Karl Stepfanovik, 1 to Laurie Oakes, 1 to Paul Bongiorno, 1 to David Koch (an ardent Swanomics fan), 1 to his wife, and 1 to Labor HQ. Oh, and 5 union members were strong armed in to buying one each.

His parents tried to drown him at birth, but his head was too big for any bucket they had on hand. Should have used the 12 gauge.....

If this prick and his cronies were in Russia , they'ed all be in the slammer !

Boring and incompetent then, and boring and incompetent now.

Incredible that Wayne Swann would think that we would want to be reminded of what his Labor did in office and it's doubly amazing how many pollies spend their time writing books while they are still in office and then expecting us to pay for them to read of how they treated each other at our expense .