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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Yeh right. Labor are the worst bastards that ever breathed.
In the meantime 8 Liberal polles from NSW are outed for corruption! The hypocrisy is beyond explanation.
There is no different whether they are red or blue - the blue tie brigade will skin you quicker though. Hockey, Abbott et el they are all bastards. At least they are equal all around.

Better he needs to learn from the experience and adjust. Politics is after all the art of the possible.

Joe Hockey has to inform us why he has to raise money to protect Australia from something Labor did that will eventuate sometime in our future either that or we can only assume he was talking bullshit to get elected and the government is only continuing on what they always do after they have defeated Labor at every past election and that is to raise taxes to make their books look pretty for their next election .

Its called hypocrisy. Labor lives and survives on it. It is so bare-faced that it is hard to imagine how they cant see how silly they look

Whatever you can accuse Tony Abbott of, rat cunning does not come to mind.

O/T I hear that on the NEWS today that Shorten is demanding information from the Government on how that idiot raghead was able to leave Australia on his brother's passport. Claiming the Coalition is not looking after border security. Does Bill Shorten have dementia? Wasn't it Labor that let this guy into the country in the first place with 51,999 of his mates?????? I think he should be explaining.

Abbott should call a double dissolution of parliament and lose it and then let Australians wallow in the ensuing debt and unemployment that will be reaped by a return of a labor/green/palmer government. Even 2 labor members justifying jihad by saying the oklahoma bombing was a christian equivalent of terrorism. so jihad is alright then according to Labor. Talk about gutless politicians . Australia deserves better than the lot we have now. Serves us right. Australians are becoming st stupid.

Absolutely right on r36. The opposition wont even admit that there is a financial crisis looming, let alone provide any alternative to LNP solution.

Yes, mr bruce. Maybe the LNP are trying to bump Clive off with calories?

Hockey needs an army of editors and minders and a pin to stick in his head to let the ego deflate. Deadshit. I know he's bright but he should get a grip and not of his penis.

Sadly Hockey needs to go no one will be listening at all. So many people these days only have a five minute attention span and they forget what they heard five minutes ago but Joe has done too much damage. He is actually a good guy and has the right plan for Australia he just needs a much much much better media adviser on how to present himself.

Joe failed to take Australians on a journey of economic recovery instead his seemingly heavy handed approach to the economic recovery issues and falling back on the catch phrase. the LNP have a mandate given to us by the people" was the wrong piece to trot out…back to running the fruit stall Joe…..

If Joe wanted to make money a lot cheaper, he can do so by ditching the excise on fuel and charge only the 10% goods tax so we get a win and we spend more money filling our tanks because we could then afford to, instead of smaller amounts because of the high prices .

Doesn't Hockey realise even the homeless keep their cars to sleep in. He has let power go to his head. Get real Joe!

Did Hockey drive to the lunch? Or was he chauffeur driven?

Did you hear that when Clive Palmer died he was that big they couldn't fit him in a coffin?
They gave him an enema and buried him in a shoebox.

Q. Did you hear that Clive Palmer got arrested?

A. Airport security looked down his daks and found 100kgs of crack.

How true !!!!

A sample of 'Government , Aussie style '- thanks to our stupid voting system !

Is this where "Ducking and Weaving" starts?