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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



And these people rule our Nation...........

This is what happens when a parent leaves the children in charge.

Well Paul, Tones was right to gag the kids before he left but should have taken the cigar off Shockey and gagged him properly! Amazing hoe Abetts has dropped dead after telling lies for a whole day, maybe somebody sent him a copy of his interview!

love it

Who took off Hockey's Gag? Bad move.

Shouldn't Abbott be the one with the gag on his mouth ?

Absolute tops PZ , now we can only hope they take Tony's advice, if not should give them the chop.

Howdy there Mr PZ*. Hope you and your family are all very well.Thank-you(kindly) for sharing your views.

Yes one person making things up is enough, Dame Bryce, PPL, knowledge on whereabouts of MH370, telling Putin where to go,supporting Manly in the NRL, leaving Turnbull out of the internet security proposal.

One of your best, Paul. I laughed till I cried..... Then I just cried!

These three monkeys Hockey, Brandis and Abetz need to be pulled into line,,,,

Delta Goodrum had that. Get some apricot kernel oil and have 15mL a day to try to keep at bay.. Someone on the PP put that up a few weeks ago and have sourced the cheapest (Melrose) - 500mL for about $14,.49 and give it a go. Or find the kernels and eat 4 a day. Tastes revolting. Grind them in a grinder and put in a smoothie.
Consultation fee $7

I don't think they'll ever know what the cause is.

Abetz was unfairly stitched up by the Project .

I heard that interview and he was cut off when he was about to say more. I'm not in sync with the story about what he said. If the interviewer had waited till he had finished his statement then it could easily have been a different story, Joe. Abetz is the only politician who has personally answered me twice. SO I am impressed by that.

Aussie 100% - You mean, "Mr: If you women have an abortion you will get breast cancer" Abetz. The gang of 5 gag the Parliament Members and Abboutface gags them!

Puff hard, Joe.


Just lovely Paul. Classic.

Spot on Paul! I have been saying this for weeks and getting howled down by the Right Wing Abbottophiles!