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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I disagree that Work Choices was the right thing. I worked in a foundry at the time and had to listen to the management carp on about how they would now flog the workers, many of whom had little education. IMO, Work Choices was a power tip to those employers with little compassion for blue collar workers. Individual contracts were rare and highly favoured the employer.

It's all part of the big picture DJT. World order like you say and I agree with.

Speaking of the interwebs -

I wonder how much Telstra and Optus will charge?

Tell Tones and George to give up on their plans for interweb domination.

Or at least let your local LNP branch know you don't want to be slugged with extra cost to your bills.

Yep! It won't be Voluntary Euthanasia then. Their way or the DIE-way.

I spent 20 years training apprentices. Almost every year the education standard of incoming apprentices could easily be seen as in a steep decline. The quality of the training packages and training methods was also clearly in a decline. Then, to top it off, was the decline in attitudes!!

Digital Revolution= finger up arse. Their heads are also there

Robots / computers are already taking over so much work now - the future will demand it .Check this out .

problem is labor dissolved howard's work choices and let the unions and VCAT take over - and no one will employ anyone anymore - workers take bosses to the cleaners and WIN - why would you bother employing anyone when you are up against it?

I recall the time that both my wife and I were made redundant at the same time. Centrelink advised us that only one of us could be unemployed, the other would be classified as a "Dependant spouse"

I think their version of "Digital Revolution" is giving you "the Bird" and saying "Revolve on that"

Try and get a job when you're over 50!

matlo, have you any experience of some of the full fee students from overseas who "graduate" from Australian universities? At least (as far as I'm aware, but I could be wrong) we haven't gone as far as some do university "students" in the Arab Gulf States have gone for some years now - they employ a Filipino or an Indian to sit the course and do the exams for them. I kid you not.

Bill Shorten was just on, giving a speech to business people telling them they can trust him. That's like the fox telling the chickens to let him in because he's their friend. Another Aesop fable there.

Wait until the Muzzos take over???

Wait until the Muzzos take over???

i'm tired of people having a go at teachers who cannot teach above basics, like its their fault. how can that be the teacher's fault when they are passing university courses? if anything, it's the universities who need to change, not teachers. additionally, they are hamstrung by the curriculum. they have no choice in what they teach or even how they teach it, and to lay it at a teachers feet is just ignorant

Mike Carltoon fans go,
uck uck uck.

Ever wondered how much "income" goes on services that involve, well, what I'm using now, and other chat or messaging or pay TV, watching "I love Lucy" episodes. None of which are vital to our lives or wellbeing.

If this is the younger generation then we're stuffed.