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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It's not Arabs, sir, it's Muslims. I know of many arabic Christians who will and are prepared to die for their faith.

Struth - Whats the definition of a virgin in the Mid East - any camel that can outrun an Arab???

Muslims wear a cotton skull cap as well which proves Islam plagiarized their customs from the Jews .

and you forgot mysogenist, genital mutilators, bigamist, gun running, car stealing, Australian haters....yet want to live here on the welfare teat.

Yes, the 18C rollover was very disappointing.

I agree, it is superfluous to mention the word Arab, it is an offence, that Larry has done this, with his command of the English language, the word Arab isn't needed

Reminds me of an incident at Coffs Harbour (or there abouts) a few years ago. Some abo mob were having a seminar of sorts and staying in a motel. A note by the cleaning staff included a mention of "there's abos in room #". Anyway the shit hit the fan and the abo spokesman, on TV, complained that he didn't mind being called a coon etc, but objected to being called an abo. I'm sure some of you will remember that.

Hahaha! Right on!

You forgot to put an insult in about that Mohammad The Prophet prick. That combined with something like suggesting the only good use for the Koran is to wipe your arse with it, invariably gets the ragheads stirred up.

One of our earlier immigrants, Nino Culotta, would have accepted this as a compliment and returned the favour.

Have you hired Carlon's alter Ego for your cartoons and dialog Mr. Pickering...?

The UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium have all recently acknowledged that multiculturalism and political correctness does not work. And here we are pussy footing around arguing about who can say what. We will be sorry but then again the current crop of politicians will not be around to suffer the end result. Selfish bastards.

Seeing the Jews were listened to by Abbott in regards to 18C could I assume we now know who finances the LNP ?

The member for Bowman (Qld) has lost my vote. Too cowered to stand up to be counted when it comes to the muslim vote. All one gets is a response "The Coalition does not discriminate based on religion." Some of these pollies have a real need to grow a pair.

Jihadists on Centrelink benefits fighting in Syria. It could only happen in Australia!

I thought Abbott would make a difference. But he is just another educated idiot!

Kowtowing to this muslim minority is appalling. I have read 25% of them are radicalised and 80% of them are ripping of CentreLink benefits. When is Australia going to wake up!

They abuse us every day in their own dialect, a language we don't understand. 18C is a joke but the joke is on us for letting these people into our country in such numbers.

Can we all imagine what they say or would want to do to us infidels. That's why we need strong government with strong laws. To protect us.

Shouldn't we just take offence at their being offended? Reductio ad absurdum! All square except for the lawyers making a killing and the waste of judicial resources.