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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Yesterdays Australian had a map of the Middle East and photos of all the leaders in the region along with John Kerry's. There was only one person amoungst them you would trust, it wasn't John Kerry nor was it the leaders of Hamas, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iran. Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Go figure

The US might be the reason for this conflict to continue seeing they supply weaponry to the Jews and may also be supplying the Palistians much like a US arms company was found to have supplied both sides before in one of the last wars .

remember that Obama and Kerry are Usa Labor party get the drift.

It takes someone of average intellect about 20 mins to research and conclude that Obama and Kerry are comprehensive anti-Semites and want Israel and Jews removed from the face of the planet. Great work Larry.

That's an excellent representation of Kerry. He has hair thicker than Clive, he's skinnier than Katter, and I think I prefer him to Tony Jones of Kevin Rudd.

During ww11 the Japanese would not stop fighting until the USA dropped to atomic bombs on japan. Hamas will not stop until they are driven back into the sea. The longer the world talk and does nothing to support the Jews more and more children will be used as human shields. Time to send them back to the dark ages where Hamas belong. Muslims have not evolved into the modern world. This is only the beginning of the war against these madmen god help us all

The more dead children in Gaza the happier Hamas are. Dead Palestinian children are the political capital of Hamas and The Left. Not all Jews support the stance Israel has taken. Many American Jews (the Hollywood / Democrat crowd) are on the side of Hamas, as are their clients. To be pro Hamas in a Western democracy is a pretty safe, trendy position to be in at the moment. They want to be seen as the compassionate, caring ones. Given that Hollywood , and the entertainment industry in general are the most avaricious, grasping, cutthroat crowd on the planet, this makes their stance sickening. They'd kill their own kids for a starring role or a hit single. They even get jobs in that useless organisation called the UN and travel around, first class of course, criticising the evil ones. People sing a nice little song or pull silly faces on a film and they're instant experts on world affairs. There are Jewish intellectuals in Australia who write article in support of Hamas. They call themselves "Jewish Atheists", this won't save them when Abdul comes calling, just as it didn't save the Jews in the 1930' and 40's who thought they were Germans. A topic for another day is the creation of Socialism by the Ashkenazi Jews. It explains the Jewish contradiction.

Oh ! OK - didn't know ! (back to trio)

I think JBL included Ban (Ban Chi Moon) as representing the UN Gentleman...

Add the UN to that list as well ! (now a quartet)

Right there with you JBL...

It's very noticeable that only one half of Palestine (Gaza = Hamas) is firing the rockets. AFAIK, the West Bank (= Fatah) hasn't fired any. But it's the West Bank where all the illegal settlements are being built - and where the Palestinian President resides.

The answer is stop firing rockets at Israel, you bunch of idiots. Plus stop hiding missiles next to hospitals and schools.

All the support for HAMAS and Gaza is sickening. Even the son of a HAMAS founder has publicly criticised HAMAS and highlighted it's ultimate goal, and supported Israel.

No mention of Israel's death toll or damage on dickhead kosh's sunrise show today. Their only concern is the kidfucker mussos. And they are absolutely salivating at the prospect of another election. Socialist wankers.

The only way the Jews can win this one is to invade Gaza and disarm the population and treat the Palestinians better than Hamas does that the population looks upon the Jews as their benevolent neighbours not masters who really do care for them instead being used by Hamas as cover for their cowardly attacks on Israel that causes the deaths and destruction of Gaza .

Kerry is so low he could parachute out of a snakes arse...

You have summed up that lick spittle Kerry so very accurately Mr. Pickering... Brilliant

But then again the Jews are not known for supporting the socialists are they?

Howzabout a Rocket???