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Thursday, 17th January 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



PZ, I think you're unnecessarily harsh to Pyne and Bishop. Can you explain why you picture them as idiots or villains?

That's unless the ABC had changed it's policy on staff making personal political observations and that is what I base my question on .

Just after she made some personal comments on politics she was removed from ABC Radio.

I will purchase Joe's book. It will be a good read. The ABC gave it a good push this morning. That Mel creature was going on and on about the contents. They are as thick as a bit of 4 x 2. Don't they realise by their picky condemnation in the book, they are actually encouraging interest. They really crack me up !!!

Poor BB with the eyes and the teeth. That is cruel, Paul. And Chris Pyne in the schoolboy outfit like the outfit in ACDC. But that's the point of cartoons, accentuate the specific parts. But poor Bronwyn !!!

Joe. Palmer has no idea that there is even an end - and it might be sticky.

Who was George Brandis male travelling partner on overseas so called fact finding trips during the Howard government years ?

What about Bronwyn and Christopher, .... amazing.

Paul......good one actually...


I think that he got the approval of TA says it all. That is the difference between Libs and Labor. They are allowed to say what they think and feel, but still stay united. Let Labor make big news out of it. There will always be something else for them to get their teeth into.

What's all the fuss about? I'm buying his book. I love him. Joe is my local member and can do no wrong.

A highly ill advised time to publish Jo. Has 'removal' of part of your digestive system turned you into a 'gutless wonder'? Now, more than ever, Australia needs our LNPs to pull together. The damage has been done. You have opened the flanks of your party to broadsides from the Lab, Greens and PUP. I am saddened. A house divided falls. Perhaps you should remove yourself voluntarily from this party that has offered you so much.

I am wondering if anyone has called Clive by the title Sir Clive,might be worth a thought by the Libs,it will give Clive something to think about?