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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



He has no morals whatsoever

This man has the complete audacity to stand spouting off his mouth, to the Australian public whilst under the cloud of rape allegations etc. The nerve of this little shit.

Penny Wong's face the night they lost the vote in the senate.............worth watching

shorton short on brains,short on morals. short on truth....what a fraud he and the labor party is ..........they can stand and deliver lies in question time ....over and over again. no only shorton but all his bench, calling for divisions in the lower house when they will lose every time....what a waste of air they all are...

He is a drip. He gets worse by the day as leader of the opposition wiv nuffing much to offer.

The only thing that is more repulsive than seeing Willy in cartoon , is seeing his mug on t.v. That is , of course , with the exception of Prune Face !!

Silly Billy and his moronic Green mates can all get together in a corner and have a good cry. Maybe he could run home to Ma in Law and get solace. They deserve each other.

Bill Shorten when on his way-up the greasy pole of internal union and labor politics certainly wasn't known as "Short Willy". Fellow party and union colleagues will attest to the fact that he was known as "Bill the Rooter" and “Sir Fuckalot” as he didn't miss any filly that passed his way. Other nicknames they had for him been; "Cockbill", "Snake", “Donkey-Dick”, "Footlong" and "Horse". He realised soon that you had to be more selective in who you rooted to get to the top of the pile, so after cutting a swathe through the young-labor undergraduate girlies he than started with Roxon among many, and then moved on to a high-ranking party officials daughter for a leg-up into the Labor Party pecking-pile, who, when he arrived in Canberra as the new parliamentary member was given the arse.

59096....I have never classified the age pension as welfare, because for most of my life, people worked pretty bloody hard, paid taxes and have not had the benefit of the superannuation system that most Australians now enjoy.
But what pisses me off is that people who have been on welfare most of their lives because they are to frigging lazy to work ...can still get the aged pension that you and I actually paid for.......

Ah!! that great feeling ...when the welfare wagon is so bloody full, those that are left can no longer pull it.......Just keep piling em in...she'll be right..

Love his Boobies,lol

Poor old Billy just lost again in regards to financial services.

Has ET landed

Shortterm says "There will be a Carbon Tax under the Government I lead." A real winner with the voters. -

A very accurate depiction of this abominable person. I've noticed when he stands up at Question Time that his rear end is now about as big as his head.

yes, not much chop is he?

thanks rudd/Gillard/rudd and unions - it is sickening - about time TA stopped ALL welfare, specially the welfare Bob Hawke introduced in the 80's telling everyone oh, no need to get married, have a defacto relationship, go out and have as many children as you like, we will pay you welfare, in the meantime, no child will live in povety by the year 1990 - I hope hawke is reeling!!!!!!

Labor needs this tax (Other peoples money ) Shorten knows if the Labor party is to survive, millions of dollars need to be funneled or siphoned into union projects. They must go back to borrowing billions of dollars for their imaginary bullshit projects (where unions are )and shunt to bill to the dopey taxpayer. Will the voter fall for this criminal behavior again? With the help of a thousand union lawyers, the ABC and Fairfax....and maybe a few talented experts in the vote trading's very possible.

It is hard to believe that so many Australians have allowed themselves to be duped into believing that a carbon tax in Australia was essential and that it was going to have some bearing on the well being of the world. Any single city in Asia or elsewhere, say Bangkok for instance would emit as much if not more carbon per day than the whole of Australia and Australians were sucked into believing this thieving tax was going to make a difference. What ignorant suckers some of us are.

What is wrong with Australians? How can this idiot be in front in the opinion ratings? We are all stuffed if the Liberals are a one term government.