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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



There was a suggestion in The Oz today that, in the next election, Palmer may not contest Fairfax but rather stand for the Senate.

I agree, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and similar epithets have little relevance when it comes to today's political scene. It would be nice though, if Shorten's mob had ethical standards similar to those exhibited by Abbott and the Coalition. Can't see it happening though.

If there was a Double Dissolution I would wonder how Palmer would fund it. Seems his last lot was pretty dodgy.

That goes back to Dec 04. Is it still relevant?

Clive Palmer won't last. Probably be arrested over the $12m. People will grow bored with Labor who just keep repeating the same old whingeing message and lack substance. Hopeless at governing, announce but never deliver, every policy a money wasting screw up. Libs will hang on and win next election which is far off anyway.

Where is the missing PUP?

Clive is barking mad as are the hideous puppets from boganville. My money's on the PM who, I think, is the most intelligent person in the parliament. Clive will blow himself up in the very near future.

TA is ineffective. You'd think he's just started in politics and was still learning. He needs to step aside and let one of the big boys have a go. Maybe Morrison perhaps? I don't really know but TA is just not doing it for me. Other than the cessation of the stinking boats, what's he really achieved? Even his own Senators are white anting him. WTF?

Clive's remains would make an unholy mess....

Pity the press chose to ignore Tony's comments when he was in Brisbane this week. Rather than blaming the 'Clive' problem, he turned it back on the opposition and their refusal to demolish the tax they went to the election promising to fix. If the ALP really had our best interests at heart (and the capacity to put aside ingrained hatreds), PUP and the rest of the crossbench would be little more than an insignificant bump on the road to reform...

Next week, if the member for Fairfax continues playing games, the niceties will cease and the government will call the bluff of the circus clown and his brain dead puppets.

It isn't Tony Abbott any more, it is Tanya Abbott... He hasn't got he balls to do anything to stop Palmer... He lives in a bubble and thinks his talking will fix this mess... Pffffft...

Sorry Paul Z, but the inference I find in your cartoon is that CliveP can eliminate Tony A without any 'personal' damage' whilst Tony, if he presses the button, will eliminate himself completely. As the song goes .. " It ain't necessarily so .. ". As you so aptly portray, the dogs may bark during this 'unholy' war, but I believe it is also true that - " the dogs may bark, the dust may swirl, but the caravan always continues on ".

Press the button Tony, and eliminate these idiots.

If Clive Palmer thinks that stopping the govenment from doing its job ,is his job, then he is as thick as he comes across.and that female(?) senator of his what a fuckwit .We have to get rid of this preferential voting system asap.

Vale Big Ears .

Is Lambie there or is Muir missing? I love the Clive, more and more like Mr Creosote every time.