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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Shouldn't that cartoon represent the workers instead of Palmer saying that of the Unions political wing ?

Leave the girl alone, she's watching her favourite TV Programme.........Australian's Biggest Bogun!!!

Do you think this cranky Lambie sheila would be the type to tell Muir, Wang and Lazarus when, where and what to do? They might get a reputation for being Lambie whipped.
She seems to be shaping up to be the Pup that is barking the most . (Barking mad)

lol!!! Her scarf is hiding the stitch marks on her neck from her head transplant.

I'd be happy to aspire to average after this lot.

What I find absolutely ridiculous is the uniforms. So juvenile and so 'under the thumb'. Lambie looks like a canary. How can anyone take them seriously?

WOW...Thanks. I hope it is not a front row seat at "Lambastes" maiden speech!

A-v-a-g-o (Bostoc and Concerned Senior win the lucky door prize)

Looks to me that the "g" is the second last letter and "o" is the last. Have another look. Well done Paul.

No sir, it's all within the bogan circus game show, misspelling, warts and all. PZ got it right!

Lambie's cartoon is an excellent likeness, Paul. Love the propeller on Ricky Muir's hat.

What a Stupid Voting System we have that puts MUGS like these into the senate???

Quit well within the theme I thought

the ever suffering Australian taxpayer will be left to pick up the pieces after this motely crew have followed their own partisan interests at our expense.

I'll bet those that voted for the PUP seeing Clive as a Saviour are rueing their actions now.

I have just watched the morning news - and Australia is dead-set rooted! I blame KRudd and Gillard of course - and so should every thinking Australian until their dying day - but this latest crop of bogan and tree hugging rubbish we have in Canberra is the continuation and consolidation of the 'boganisation' of Canberra started by the Labor Party a decade ago.

I've just watched this slightly ridiculous woman from Burnie -Jacqui Lambie slinging shit at our Prime Minister. And I've heard Ricky Muir. Now I'm sure Ricky is quite a nice bloke - but that is not enough to give you a slot at running the bloody country. I mean - the media have been circling like sharks wanting him to say something. Anything! It's like a cat playing with a mouse. But his wife - blinked out her front door the other day in her Gippsland beanie and effectively told them to bugger off because he doesn't want to talk to the media. Willisee frightened the pants off him. Which is what was intended. He had momentarily forgotten what 'after-market' meant.

Then this morning we have Milne screaming about the Sri Lankan boat people and the need for full enquiries and open armed approaches and worse- open borders. What Christine - don't we have enough problems already? Haven't you got a tree to hug - somewhere? If you feel so strongly about what might have happened to Sri Lankan babies- then billet a few hundred at your place. You get a nice fat salary - put it to good use woman!

But a word to the wise Ricky and Jacqui. And Clive for that matter. Tread warily my friends. You are not qualified to come out punching - yet. The position of Senator carries something called decorum and wisdom. And that includes the wisdom to shut up until you have had your feet under the desk for quite some time.

I find it amazing that any country would elect an - ex disability pensioner straight to the role - but please understand that you are not going to be princesses and princes in shining armour just because you come out swinging in your new suit. You have to do something called hard yards first and earn something called respect. Shooting your respective mouths off will not help this cause.

As for Christine - for Chrissakes woman - Australia has done more than its fair share of welcoming the displaced and downtrodden and weary over the past 100 years. We can't take every person in this world who decides they don't want to live where they live anymore. We can't afford it Christine. So go back to hugging trees or Bob Brown or something and leave it alone!

Observing the performance of the already installed clowns in our Senate and then taking into consideration the mentality of the incoming bunch, there's some good evidence here to finally say, why do we need an upper house? I shudder to think that any legislation that either party in the Lower House proposes, has to gain the approval of this bunch or morons. Just think how much money we could save by relocating this mob (and all their hangers-on) to Centrelink. They are nothing short of a disgrace and given they way that a lot of them gained office, are far from a true representation of the voting public.


I remember these twits being on telly back in the sixties, I think they were called The Ghost & Mrs Muir

Thanks for your art Mr Zanetti *.