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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I have claimed for a long long time, that as a professional courtesy, bank tellers should wear a mask like all bank robbers.

I wouldn't entrust my money to a financial adviser. Real estate and with four walls that are all yours, not joined to anyone else's walls, is what I did and that's a recipe for peace of mind or as close as you can get.

investment advisor.... someone who manages your money until it's all gone.

I wonder if the Commonwealth Bank (formerly the people's bank) would have done anything if this matter had not been investigated. What has happened to the people who gave this wrong advice?

I was married to a farmer who failed to pay interest on a loan to the Commonwealth Bank and when I went to get some money from $100,000 IBD of mine there was no money in it. They had taken my money to pay his overdraft when I was not even an owner or partner in the farm. They would not even tell me what had happened to my money. I had to get a Solicitor to find this out. I did not get one cent of my money returned as I could not afford to fight the bank. My advice to all women is not to have your account in the same bank as your husband, particularly if he is a farmer. I would not deal with any of the big four banks. The only bank I trust is the Heritage Building Society based in Toowoomba. There are thousands of farmers who have been treated shabbily by these banks.

Oh the irony, lol.

The first question you should ask a new financial advisor before parting with any of your money is "How rich are you?" If he can't make hiself rich how on earth is he going to make you rich?

Financial Advisors that have to work? Hmmm bit like sailors that can't swim, jockeys that can't ride. Hmmm which bank?

The Bank Robbers have turned into Robber Banks....

What is the diffence between a BANKER and a WANKER? The wanker knows what he is doing!

I do not trust Financial Advisors. My grandfather always said. If it sounds to good to be true, dig deep before you take the leap. I guess some folk felt, well its a bank and a well known institution, I am safe. Nothing is a sure fire bet anymore. Your money is not safe in the bank. Our Government won't bail you out should a bank go bust. Only a certain % of your money will the Government give you. So that should be telling us all something!!

The steady rise in the share price of CBA means it's doubtful any government will want a RC into it's stinking practices. Our leaders and their wealthy mates would have sheds full of these valuable shares and will do anything in their power to prevent their value falling. Bull Shitten, scrotum face and The Blimp will put on one of their slimy public faces but do nothing when out of the spotlight to bring these banking scum to account. Arseholes the lot.


CBA Financial Advisors will be issued with hoodies to reflect their true values.

It was the smug, condescending attitude of that bank knobhead telling everyone they won't get bugger all back except the bare minimum of what the bank thinks is reasonable. Arseholes the lot AND the dodgy ones are still employed at CBA some in higher positions. Everyone should pull out and let this cesspit dry up.

Notice how the spotlight on the failures of ASIC, APRA, etc which are costing us thousands of millions has been diverted to a particular instance which whilst devasting to those unfortunate enough to have been involved is small potatoes in the larger scheme of things. Where are the calls for a Royal Commission into the (mal)functioning of ASIC etc?

and don't forget Westpac - same brush

Very good.

There was a time in Australia when bank managers thought they were society's elite , just because they managed their customers monies .

The Hawke/Keating recession was not market driven so what right did Australian banks and Building societies have to have increased interest rates and then take possession of assets when customers could not afford the increased charges ?