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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



The Superannuation Funds have become a milking cow for the Governments and the Investment Advisers. They do NOT care if you eventually have enough money with which to retire so long as they can rape and bleed you hard earned and saved funds for the next 10,20,30 50 years. Then you get back badly inflated dollars that won't cover your real needs.

At least John Howard was past retirement age at 68 when he retired so he was entitled to his super. But as for Julia Gillard who retired at 52 and Kevin Rudd at 56 - they should have had to wait like everyone else!

What's more they are gainfully employed by the people they looked after whilst in office like ex’s doing the Speaking rounds and Julia at the UN and who knows where Ruddy is but his wife is creaming it. They don't need to wait til they are 70. They are an elite class and sticking up the population the elected to serve.

If they leave parliament while still of working age, they shouldn't be able to access their super just the same as everyone else! And the same goes for their parliamentary pensions. Why should they be able to access them before retirement age? Too many of these politicians are retiring well before retirement age and we've just seen two ex PMs in just a few years. Obviously according to Tony and Joe's reckoning we can't afford that!

SOP of labor, hidden waste - the "working" unemployed

Did you know that Kiwi's who have never paid taxes in their lives in Australia have retired here and they claim for benefits ?

OT, but I was talking to a few doctors on the weekend, and they say there is going to be a significant oversupply of medicos - GPs - very soon. Could mean (no one suggested it) that the doctors might not charge, or swallow all or part of the $7 fee? I know my GP the week after budget day said they were experiencing a drop off in appointments being made.

Yes, there are all sorts of emails doing the rounds of Politicians' salaries and lifetime perks and you would be gobsmacked. If you like, I can post some. For instance, Rudd is estimated to cost us $20m by the time he expires. They are leaving so young now and have money thrown at them for the rest of their lives plus all the offices and phones and staff and travel paid for.

Beaty of Kevin Andrews, and he has landmines everywhere to avoid. Don't see how he can win with the abc working for the opposition.

There's an email doing the rounds saying that politicians should look to their own superannuation / pension the way most of the rest of us do. There'd be very few (apart from politicians) who'd disagree with sentiments of that email.

Albatross, maybe that's what he means but the way it reads is "Why am I as a taxpayer expected to provide for someone who is disabled or simply chooses to to work - isnt that what charities are for?" You work it out. That's what Tommo is arking up about. Me I have a bee in my bonnet about Polititians on Welfare.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's complaining about those who are rorting the disability system, not people who have real disabilities. Like the gentleman who smashed the police car windscreen with a milk crate; like the gentleman who is now in Iraq fighting for Allah (against followers of Allah) who left the country using his brother's passport; like the thousands of fit and healthy people who park their cars in inner city Sydney every day using disabled stickers that they obtained God only knows how.

Good point Tommo.

The old English method of calming such people down by tying them out on their back and stacking concrete slabs on their chest, would of course be cheaper. (Private enterprise could do it)

59096, I can see you as much contact with real people, as the Canberra parasites. Just wondering how you will go if you fall over and hit your head on the way to work tomorrow. All the people who used to be in mental homes , are now disability pensioners.

59096 You don't have any problems with both our Governments supporting the hundreds of ex Politicians, Governor Generals, Premiers, Judges, etc. etc who bleed us for serious money as well? are we just worrying about the Pensioners and unemployed and disabled on welfare?

s/be running, sorry also trailing not training,

The problem is simple. The ABC/Fairfax with Labor & Greens are ru nbninbg a terrific scare campaign that has got the public scare of taking the medicine. That is why the LNP is training Labor so badly. How can any party be so far in front without ANY alternative solutions to a huge problem created by the Previous Labor Govt in cahoots with the Greens. Cut ABC down to size immediately to get a better balanced reporting.

I can visualise many of those landmines in your cartoon as being an inner city assylum seeker islamic welfare takers ( plus their many single mother 'wives with dependants' what a great way to get thousands of dollars of befefits from the government each week).....careful what you try to do to fix this problem, they will go off.

Ideological attack's on the least able do defend themselves, from a position of overpaid privilege. The $150 a week he is on about on the news, is probably less than WE spent on his dinner in Sydney last night. Pigs in shit .