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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



is this satire? totally wrong.

WOW I've lost my avatar on this cartoon, but not on others.

This cartoon was on the INSIDERS today.

Killwarren - You are so smart, how about you comment on the items raised in here instead of branding anybody that won't kiss Abbotts arse as a troll! Tell us all about "One Term Tony's" achievements. If I am a troll then youy are a fuckwit and a fool to be sucked in by the Coalition spin. We are all Coalition supporters but are not impressed with the current leader!

Someone wrote in the 50/50 of the Herald Sun "Tony Abbott must love being in opposition because he is doing his best to get back there."

I am for the Coalition but let's look at TA's performance. He was a useless Opposition Leader. No to everything and spent a lot of time telling us Gillard was a Liar. He didn't win the election, Labour was thrown out. He didn't have to tell all the lies we all know about and changed the language from the changes to health and education budgets are not cuts just reduced rate of spending. Who does he think we are Morons? We are for a coalition Government but it needs to be smarter and use it's intellect and advice to put things right and stay in Power. So far, the boats have been stopped but the population are gobsmacked by the bias of the budget and the political spin of not telling lies just breaking promises and all this heavy lifting stuff. By the population not the Politicians

Obviously! You hate it when logic takes over from your point of view and you rabid support of TA. Try and keep an open mind DJT! Strangely, you have not answered any of my comments on Abbotts (non) achievements, obviously you have no valid answers!

We are supporters of the Coalition but not necessarily 100% supporters for Abbott!

Oigle, Trumby and Myself refuse to be arse-kissers for Tony Abbott and some of the posters on this site just can't stand it! TA became the Coalition Leader and by default, the PM by ONE VOTE in the Caucus room so don't be sucked in to putting all your eggs in his basket!

Oh DJT I forgot one other of his huge achievements, he re-instated the Royal Queens Honours! You or I can now be Knighted and take tea with the Queen! Instead of your innate reply, try and address or answer each item I raised and explain in detail how each one has or will improve the finances of Australia. Just for starters - tell us about the Knighthoods and how he vetoed the Drug Testing of Centrelink Recipients!

I forgot about his best one! He vetoed the Centrelink recipients being drug tested even though the Police and Employers can do it anytime without even thinking about the Olympic Committee, ESADA, AFL, ARL etc etc have full powers to test athletes anytime and do so regularly. Even though his top Ministers all supported the idea as a sensible and money saving necessity to protect the community! Yeah Sir Anthony is a fucking doer all right! Problem is when it comes to the hard yards he falls over his budgie smugglers!

WKG - He was responsible for stopping the boats and ...... and ...... and ......what else again? Oh yeah.... increasing the fuel levy and putting a $7 co-payment on Medicare doctor's visits and putting a special tax on the highest income earners and increasing the retirement age to 70 (but not for him and Porky Hockey and all his mates on both sides and .... and.....Oh Yeah, he's gonna put a completely ridiculous Parental Leave rort in place cos they are too shit scared to take it back off the Pubic Serpents and ....and.....fucked if I know what else he's done or is planning to do!

Like what ?

TA softly softly baby steps and a miracle happens PALMER the good fairy arrives to keep his tax bill from rising. oh it is beautiful, could not have scripted this, perfect Shorton willy and slime green ,,,,(WHO)

Paul - You have captured the moment nicely much to the disgust of the Right Wing TA Fan Club on this site! Clive is holding the whip for the moment and TA needs to keep him on side.

TA is a hands on "doer". He means what he says and does it.

All politicians join community groups to be seen to be caring and sharing although there was a Qld ALP State member in NQ some years ago that took it a further step by advertising everyone she was a member of in her election campaign and upon further scrutiny it was found that she could not have attended meetings of them as there so many she would have little time for her personal life .

The same diplomatic skills towards us that got him elected .

I agee with DJT. Foolish to underestimate Tony Abbott. He's proved his diplomatic skills and will get the budget through. He's saved lives from fire and water without hanging around for the accolades, fights bushfires and rides his bike for charity. Hate and jealousy from Labor/Greens of whom you couldn't name one good community minded deed ever done.

Blimey , DJT !! I don't agree with you on most comments , but on this one , you are spot on !