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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Ohh awgh Mr Pauly Z** wow. LOl Pay?? for the rote` spin Baby?? Can You believe it?? wow, Re; Renny Carters Article? LOL.. hawww.(sorry for off topic but gee wizz), May be they THUINK tank we are all on 300 K ?? a year that it? At their abthee?

If Bull Shitten won't help, I am sure that Citic will lend some support

Palmer will probably be in goal before he has a heart attack

Don't push me there Tony, the hemorrhoids are especially bad this week.

Name any political party who hasn't tried to hijack the government with their dishonest election campaigns where they say one thing during their campaign and then suffer amnesia afterwards , why is PUP any different than you and your opinion of anything ?

Clive will have a heart attack by the next election...tick tick tick

Pup will be a 1 term entity

What sort of moron votes PUP anyway, seems to me they are dumber than your average labor voter.

Maybe someone needs to give Clive a "waffer-thin mint" then run for cover :)

Stick a needle in it's bum!

speechless! Just so spot-on.

I'm very disillusioned with the voters who allowed this dangerous buffoon to gain so much power. It's obvious that the propaganda from Gillard and the labor Party, which smeared Tony Abbott, did it's work.

Howdy Mr PZ*.. thank-you for your shared outlook.

Not sure Clive is going to be any problem at all to the passing of TA's legislation. He's got it set on the LNP in Queensland and this has flowed over into the Federal arena. But Clive fancies himself as a bit of a 'do gooder'; he wants to be seen as someone who will do the right thing for the country. Will he do this to his own detriment? Who knows. I suspect his ideological hatred of the union led labor camp will outweigh his contempt for the LNP. Apart from this he might bring some balance to the more extreme elements of Hockey's budget. Like the co payment and the indexation of excise on fuel.

The problems I have with Palmer, apart from his vengeful attitude, is that he changes his diatribe to be different from his pre-election talk, and is now threatening to block everything, his deliberate show of hatred towards the LNP and the fact that he's my member and I have no-one to complain/talk to.