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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I thought today's question (who is Australia's most likeable politician) was a bit of a red-herring. Or maybe it was so intended. But who says you have to like a politician? Surely it is more important to know whether you share and trust his/her values, and whether they are competent, have a good eye and ear for detail and good analytical skills.


Only failed women (Gillard and Clinton) complain about being mistreated because they are women. Merkel and Thatcher just got on with the job.

Bill Shorten when on his way-up the greasy pole of internal union and labor politics certainly wasn't known a "Short Willy".Fellow party and union colleagues will attest to the fact that he was known as "Bill the Rooter" as he didn't miss any filly that passed his way. Other nicknames they had for him were; "Cockbill" "Snake" "Footlong" and "Horse".He realised soon that you had to be selective in who you rooted to get to the top of the pile, so it started with Roxon among many, then a high-ranking party officials daughter who was given the arse when he sprung the GG daughter when he arrived in Canberra. Bill was forever the eternal opportunist who used the only asset he had going for him.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, if we have to bury someone, Shorten's a MUST!

Was only explaining to Mrs Rooster this week that the TURC wasn't so much opening up a can of worms as a forty four gallon drum, so Larry has pretty much drawn it to scale.

About time she admitted that she only rose to the various positions she held because she was a woman. As a bloke she would probably have not been much more of a success than Bruce Wilson.

Bad man bad woman under sharia both would lose a hand both would be stoned -Worms are najis(unclean)

Does RC stand for "Root Control"? as neither Gillard or Shortend seem to have the ability to stop it once they opened the can at puberty! Both with their sexual desires and their desire to fuck up the country!

Excellent pictorial comment, thanks. Two unique species of worms, with no resemblance to the other in looks, but both behave physiologically the same ... crawl and eat dirt.

Am I the only one to notice that she's softened that dreadful bloody accent now she doesn't have to prove to the electorate that she's a woikin class goirl? It's still a bit harsh for my taste, but infinitely easier on the ear than what we were assaulted with daily during those six long years of Labar 'rool'.

Two reasons I didn't hear her. One, the sight and sound of her anywhere results in a swift flick on the channel changer and Two, I don't watch the ABC because I can't afford a smashed tv. However, thanks for the news that she's still on the pitiful misogyny theme. It also means she must be back from the USA. Must check what she said on that tv show over there. More misogyny I image.

Hillary Clinton was rabbitting about Gillard on a US website and how badly she was treated - I wrote some comments as a Australian female on the damage Gillard did to workplace relationships we have built up with men and how we had it for the most on an equal par and she blew it with her tactics she gave it out but when it was given back she played the woe is me female card.

K, no, I didn't hear it, thank God, but it sounds like Gillard's incompetence again. Gillard wont admit she was the worst, most hopeless, most dishonest PM in Australia's history. Gillard uses the "girlie card" for cover. No competent female uses that excuse in any profession, job or politics. I noticed how Kathy Jackson stood up for what she believed in, as a person, and never once used the girlie card.

Definitely not. If any electronic device starts to emit that woman's rancorous tones it is immediately turned off.

Is it just me, or is there a resemblance to penises sniffing out Gillard and shitten? Talk about getting rubber dicked. Still, I'm very doubtful if any of these scum face real justice. That's only for the great unwashed to suffer.

Mmm, like this one, jeez I hope they get what they deserve, trouble is some idiot will go on about the need to protect politicians and off they'll go again, wasting money.

Love it! After watching a rather nervous Donnelly being questioned yesterday it reminded me of a can of worms. Next week when the RC moves to Perth there might be some pythons yet in that can.

You missed the whitewash Larry, or is that coming at the end of the enquiry?

It's a pity our main stream media are trying to bury the can