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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I'm the last to promote privatizing public assets, but while Aunty is taking my taxes and being a Fabian-Labor shill, I support the idea. On the other hand, where's Rhodes-Liberals measures to bring about fairness? We need a balanced Fabian Rhodes influenced ABC

Wouldn't it be nice just for a time to have a nice clean government without all these idiots, abusers, Judas' and twats! Come on Tony - get rid of them once and for all - they are really just comedy entertainment fodder. Our Parliament is in a real mess - time to tidy it up!

Q. who is the ampler evil c? (5,6)

We must remember that Mr.Turncoat originally tried the Labor party before joining the Libs, he like Mr.Palmer have bigger fish to fry then looking after the country and the people of Australia. Mr.Turncoat is the Goldman Sachs representative here and Mr.Palmer has he's mining interests and the ongoing problems with Sino Iron and the Chinese Gov't. Federal Parliament is just a convenient vehicle for these two to progress their interests.

Well said Hermes.

Take a hike AUNTIE....your days of entertaining are long gone. Clive has his eyes on screwing both Shorten and Turnbull ...because he wants that bed.

Enlighten me Larry, Clive's chin is a pair of balls or a place to rest Mal's or Shortarse's balls? Just inquisitive.

So is about every other LNP member .

Ha ha Poida .... . cheers Digger

"Clive's not sure, but he thinks he does", haha yep it's obscured by his greed and excessive consumption.

If you're properly sized and inwards dress you'll look perfectly balanced! ;—))

Sorry to hear of your dilemma Poida. Obviously you never underwent any army training where one of the initial orders, once one was on the parade ground was, ".. To the right .. DRESS !

It's so easy to work out ..... guys if ya right handed, ya pull it out from the left.... and put it back in to the left...... So, girls, 90% of guys are right handed so, if you are standing on their left, it's pointin' at ya :)

erk! I just noticed.....
What is that little "Bump" in the quilt in front of Malcom?

Hope he doesn't root our Auntie.....

er...... Once Clive gets in there won't be any room LEFT.
So does That mean Auntie will be RIGHT?

If Clive gets on Top - Auntie definitely won't be ALRIGHT.
ALL RIGHT - Get it?

Sighhh.... Wot's the Use???

Many years ago the soon to be Mrs Dawg and I were down the smoke(Melb) getting me a new suit for the upcoming nuptals,the sailsman asked me which side I dressed,,being a country boy I had no clue as to what he said so I said "what"he said it again I said mate I put my strides on like anyone else one foot at a time,the soon to be Mrs Dawg whispered in my ear,oh,gees ya learn sumptin new every day.

You are so clever, Larry.

Very wicked, Larry, very wicked! BTW, how is your little son? Hope is home again.

I like what perhaps my wicked mind sees as a little penis where shortypants lies.

Larry* Gee you do expressions well.Thank`s for your arts `time` shared.