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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.




See, sometimes you can go too far.

Little Bill has bigger breasts than my wife does.

I hope Larry never gets rid of the bra....hope it stays always, like the strap on did. I look at it and hope that conniving little maggot is humiliated more than he can humanly stand.

His head looks like the head on a dwarf.

Enuff said 17 hours ago Check out the pic on Michael Smith: Bill you might want to lay off the supplements for a while.

Yeh, theres a boob problem. There was a photo in some of the dailys a month or so ago of Shorten in a white shirt. That had some asking the question of gender reassigning.His tits were that prominent.I reckon the editors new exactly what they were doing when publishing the picture.

I'm sure shortypants looks at this stuff. I can't imagine what his blood pressure is like.

Off topic Redcliffe by-election: Just saw a beauty courtesy of Winston. The main thing that will fix the LNP is a Newmanectomy. Brilliant I thought. Of course a McIverectomy will be just as helpful.

They're at the shredder?

Wheres Gillarse and her stand on mysoginy? Oh thats right she stood by Craig Thompson right throughout the fiasco and ensured the Labor Pardy paid his legal fees! Nothing hypocritical here is there? Ensuring that the most inept, incompetent and corrupt Government in Australian history remained in power! Thanks Labor, Unions, Greens, Oakshit and Windsock!

Where are Windsor and Oakshot after all this corruption is coming to the surface ? What traitors !

Interesting read in The Australian today about to build up to Thompson's rise and fall. Are the Labor party going to pay back the $ 360,000 they took from hard working unionists to protect him and thus keep the red headed tramp in office ?

Luv Albos little Thai girl, he will wear this for the rest of his life ... as does Fraser for leaving his pants behind !

With all that money that Craig is not spending now, the girls are doing it tough.

Can someone tell me why the bra? Unlike the dildo on previous Labour pollies, I seem to have missed the significance of this one........Please Explain!!!!!

Shorten appears to be wearing one of Madonna's old bra's. Going for that cone look.

He needs Gilliar's black implement of maximum satisfaction. This will complete his accessories

The Short little Twerp probably KNOWS them All.......
er.....NOES them All.....
That's why he has That Look all the Time....

whats the betting they,re all labor molls??