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Monday, 18th June 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I just can't believe the Aust. people could fail to remember how bad a Prime Minister 'Elmer Fudd' was last time round & sllow him to stuff the country again!

Remember Remember John Hewson in September.

With all the hairspray Elmer wears, I'm amazed he was able to remove the helmet afterward.

Unfortunately Bolt was too easy on him.
I thought Bolt would have Torn him apart.
The Li'l Crudd DOES speak very well, and seemed to give as good as he got.
It's SCAREY eh?
As Bolt said himself;
Milky Bar at least agreed to go on his Show, whereas Juliar Flatly REFUSED!
Hope there's not TOO Many "Voters" fooled by this Joker.

Don't those flak jackets have things hanging down to protect the family jewels..... Oh wait, I get it ....he's got it hanging at the back to protect his arse.

Did anyone see Krudd doing an imitation Of Bieber, just what Australia needs, a Bieber imitator running the country, no wonder he's king of the kids, he is one.

Time for the adults to take over.
Good thing is, of the estimated 1 million kids able to vote for the first time next election, most of 'em are too busy with Twitface and their noses stuck in their fones to be bothered to register to vote.

This is the generation that doesn't know how long it takes the earth to orbit the sun.

All of us here know that the man is an absolute fake, an old fashioned phoney con-man, but unfortunately the larger electorate are so dumb that they have been conned by the (fake) folksy rock-star and he may well get over the line.

I saw the interview. Andrew was good - Fuddy duddy kruddy shouted over Andrew to avoid the questions; he interrupted, lied and distorted the questions. Kruddy had on his "me too" blue tie. What a fake stupid person he shows himself to be. He's so hollow he can't see everyone else sees straight through his superficial performance/s. He wore his stupidly "superiority smile." He must think it looks good. He made a fool of himself did Kevvie from Brizzie, he can't answer questions so acts like a sissie. (and yes they both looked rather well fed in their visit to the troops - over fed at our expense no doubt.)

Video of interview is up on Bolts blog , watch it for rudds body language and he calls Bolt a denier on glowball worming ...
he is just a dirty little dick sniffer

Yay your back Mr PZ .. that is a positive .

Watched the Bolt Report with great interest. Bolt had him nailed to the wall with his questioning however the Weasel either didn't answer or obsufcated to the point where he was talking over Andrew as he tried to extract a truthful anser out of the Weasel.

I watched the Bolt-Rudd interview one thing missing hard questions like the deaths of 4 young men and 220 home fires 1300 deaths at sea because of your incompetence.