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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Solid Gold, Larry! ROFLMAO! Love Gillardarse's 'disappearing g-string' and ubiquitous dildo, and The Silver Brumby, slabs in hand! BTW, rest in peace Hazel, you're free at last and always deserved better than that drunken old bum!

you,d 7 slabs of piss to getting a shot away with the red dartboard , that way you would have short term memory loss,

you mean the national president of the silly old buggers club!

Cab driver in Sydney just told me ... The problem Julia has is women don't like her, trust her and she gives women a bad name.."

Women for Gillard .... Hahahahah

gorgeous! says it all

news this morning that bob the boozer will not be the umpire between the two most hated LABAR PARDY P M,S since federation ,EVER I think blanche is worried that bob the boozer might give the ferret a run

yes the one on a short chain

Larry, memories of Hawkie and his old fella holding a beer can !

Larry you love taking the piss... Gold... And the big red box... Keep it going!
If the Victorian police take 9 years to charge an AFL player with rape how long will they take to charge JuLiR with her AWU fraud. The key stone cops... royal commission now into VicPol...

Bob on the Sauce.

umm I wonder if Bob's been there ??. Fetch me a bucket I'm going to be sick...

a cartoon a day keeps the doctor away, if laughing is good for your health, then Larry you just cured every aliament I've got even ones I don't know about lol

ah Larry like the old McCains add, you've done it again LOL what a pisser!!!!!!

Hawk eyes used to get so pissed they reckon he tried to root his neighbours black Labrador one night......So Gillderarse would not be out of the question.

Brilliant Larry!

It brings tears to my eyes thanks for laugh larry

there,s a double big lenny mc p would not back with bad money.the eye,s tell the full story , are all of the caucus men closet pillow biters.

All we want is for Gillard to stay where she is now until the election. We don't want Hawke or Kev or anyone else to get in the way of giving Gillard what she deserves.

The eyes have it!

the doddery old fool is egocentric enough to believe he can solve the problem. however he would be no match for juliar's inflated sense of relevance.