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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Love it!

Isn't it amazing how quiet the Greens have become at this time? We have more boats and drownings at sea and yet no sign of the crying face of Sarah Two-Fathers and even the incessantly harping (AbbottAbbottAbbot) Christine Milne has been conspicuous by her absence !

how long have we got?

don't let gillard choose anything - she hasn't allowed us Australians any choice on anything being the foul bully she is

luv your humour

yoiur joke just cracks us up

I wonder if Mike Carlton will show up to make sure she's really dead.

Like it Paul just saw her on 10 talking about Tim being gay or not and she really has lost the plot!!

i hope the owner of the restaurant sues Swanny for calling him a LIAR

I have noticed that some of the harlots journo,s are starting to turn on her,and the rest of the labar rotting carcasses reminds me of a pack of hyena,s turning on each other over a LIVING carcass the K F C red box.

We could do a Taliban on her;

Tie her to the tow bar of a ute by a long piece of rope then drag her around behind the ute through the streets of Canberra at 60 kph.

Drive into Canberra Soccer stadium ,behead her publically and use her head as the soccer ball for the main game.

Used to be Saturday afternoon sports when the Taliban last held Kabul.

No. She shouldn't be "hanged in a place of her choosing", Botswana! She should be hanged publicly in a place of the people's choosing - the MCG springs to mind - where there is plenty of space. Tickets would sell out in no time! xDxDxD!

I previously tipped Mc Turd as a Lib 'Plant'!

This rubbish over Menugate is another example.
Even the cretins at ABC24 were sucked in ,this morning. 457 McTurd rides again!!


They could not wait..........
They did not even bother to check out the validity of the menu story, neither the ABC who ran with it ..nor anyone from the Labar Pardy.........

Now this morning Swan publicly calls the restaurant owner a liar......

Lost the plot PZ you ain't has Rudd and Swan add a couple more head stones,

The way its going the Alp will end up with only about 26 seats after the election....

Its totally unprecedented in Australian political history for a first term PM to loose an election, let alone get belted to the shit house like Gillard will most certainly be.

juliar was here in Fremantle last night crawling to the voters, in the face of the good news that she has lost for the Labour party, Perth, Brand, and Fremantle by her own actions

In this case RIP stands for "Rot in Perpetuity".

Outstanding commentary, Paul.