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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Gay sheep will be exempt from live exports ,based on the fact they could be discriminated against when they arrive in a Middle Eastern Country

We cant all look forward now to a ''feel good'' movie from New Zealand, called BAAAAAAABRA and BAAAAAABRAs BIG GAY WEDDING ! and two Gold Logies donated from the Aust Taxpayer

Is your Caps Lock stuck on or are you trying to SHOUT!

Following The New Zealand gay marriage legislation all the sheep in the country have decided to form a Trade Union of their own.

A sheep representative Curly Ramsly stated that if the government thought it was going to pull the wool over their eyes,it had another thing coming.
Ramsley stated that he believed that the government had not taken into account thewelfare of the wider community whe approving this legislation.

Ramsley went on to state that he was right now in the mood to give the NZ PM a hefty head butt right on his arse.

Now here's a moral hypothetical sure to get the leftie luvvies hackles up. Given that it seems perfectly acceptable for parents to choose the sex of their children pre- nataly and freely abort the
unwanted sex, and that many genetic diseases and abnormalities are detectable in the womb allowing for affected foetuses to be
aborted, and that homosexuality is allegedly heritable and therefore detectable in the womb, is it OK to abort a foetus if it is found to be a potential homosexual?

You must piss yourself laughing as you draw these things, do you, Larry?

am a kiwi but laughted at this cartoon good one

Perhaps now juliar can go to NZ and get married to her ego?

Dad always told us sheep and goats are better than
Cows you dont have to dismount to kiss them.

Many New Zealand sheep will sleep better tonight.Can't say the same for camels in Saudi Arabia or the goats in Pakistan

they must be crazy over there.

The look on the sheep's face is priceless.

Fabulous cartooning.

They will find out the same as we hetrosexuals that the greatest deterrent to having sex is Wedding Cake!

Oh!! Bugger I forgot.
I note that old ram raid face herself Christine Milne was the first to congrtaulate the NZ government for their stand on equality.

In the rest of the world its called coming out of the closet.

In NZ they call it getting out of the paddock.

Hurry up or you will miss out on the good looking ones.......

After the 'happy time' - getting dressed up, nice ceremonies, parties, presents, setting up house etc. will come the inevitable acrimonious divorces - squabbling over division of property, custody of the cats etc . . . Question is will Gays still be gay post-marriage?

Meh... NZ's marriage act never prohibited marriage between two people of the same sex in the first place. The Kiwis knew this too, since there was a gender clarification bill for their mariage act tabled in 2005. They knocked it back on the grounds that it would conflict with their Bill of Rights and anti-discrimination laws.

The new version looks like it has closed a few other loopholes with respect to men and women marrying their same sex relatives -

Compared to the original section -

Oh Dear...