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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton's extensive research in the education sector spans 30 years and he is published globally. Stephen was born in Pambula NSW in 1952. He is now retired in Perth Western Australia. His website and blog address is:



While reading online articles and stories, I often come across comments made by people who rarely supply their real name yet leave a lasting impression by adding something valuable to the main topic.


Marxist ideology has infiltrated all levels of the Australian education system.

Nothing has improved since 1982. Today, the main focus of education is on managing students and transmitting prescribed ‘knowledge’ into them, based on the assumption that no other factors are relevant.


How Good is Australian Education?

Ask anyone in charge of delivering education at any of the three-tiers, you will receive a standard response - that Australia is a world leader and sets the pace for other countries to follow.

Another Brick in the Wall

A three part series examining Australia's failing educational system

The intention of this series is not to suggest that Australians are stupid or unintelligent. On the contrary, as made evident during the years of Nazi Germany, it is possible to dupe an entire population into believing the most implausible lies and yet relatively few will protest or resist.

Literary Giants of a Different Age

Rudyard Kipling is one of the best known of the late Victorian poets and storytellers. He received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907. Yet even with such high honour, many detractors neglected his work shortly after his death due to his unpopular political views.


…and it can Leave a bad taste in your mouth

At the end of my final year in high school, the family holidayed at Manly, Sydney. I had put up with an abusive father all my life and by then had learned to fight back. Instead of being able to enjoy an end to the constant tension, his mood turned sour and sullied the holiday for everyone. In an effort to make sense of it all, I took a long walk to the North head until I found a wide-open space to sit and reflect on the situation.

Anti-Australia, Anti-Western and Full of Pride: Part 3

AllRalia – Global headquarters of world domination

Officially, AllRalia’s logo boldly features the words "advancing peace, equality, and freedom for all". These words appear on buildings and billboards and broadcasted nonstop on radio and television as a permanent reminder of AllRalia’s primary charter. However, the true purpose of AllRalia hides behind the message.

Anti-Australia, Anti-Western and Full of Pride:

Part 2 The Utopian State of AnlRalia

Since 2025, AnlRalia has honoured December the 7th, 2017 as the day their most fervent dreams became true. Not only was their new State established on the eighth anniversary of that date, it also marked the culmination of decades of craving and planning and lobbying to establish their asserted right to equal standing with all walks of life.

Anti-Australia, Anti-Western and Full of Pride

Part 1... AntiRalia, The Last Global State

It is the year 2032. For the few who could recall the vulgar celebrations that YES supporters and all but four of Australia’s federal politicians trumpeted across the country on December 7, 2017, it is difficult to fully comprehend what had happened since then to make life in the former easy going country of Australia so unrecognisable.

There are No Excuses for Being Surprised Anymore

Only the naive or the uninitiated assume that sexual licentiousness has no boundaries - the true depths of depravity, deviance, cruelty, and obscenity that can be performed by humans have been thoroughly documented for centuries. There is no point in seeking further proof of such exploits.

The 7th of December 2017 - the Day Australia Lost its Soul

…is marriage equality really about equality?

In the eyes and minds of many Australians, the 7th of December 2017 should become known as the day Australia lost an essential part of its unique character and perspective on life - its fair go and egalitarian attitude towards all. It is also the day from which many Australians will recognise that politicians have no regard for the majority of hard working people living and working and paying taxes in this country.

Can Totalitarianism Corrupt a Non-Totalitarian Country?

My last essay identified contemporary examples of control that align with George Orwell’s marxist inspired novel 1984. It ended with a brief synopsis of the goals of the sinister Ingsoc (English Socialist) ideology.

WILL 2016 BE THE YEAR OF 1984?

In George Orwell's dystopian story 1984, the central character Winston Smith is a member of the Outer Party who works in the Ministry of Truth rewriting past news articles. The narrative is set in Airstrip One (once Great Britain), a province of the superstate Oceania.


Prevalent across Australia, politicians, social commentators, entertainers, and media personalities use the term "unaustralian" to reproach and humiliate anyone who opposes their claims and opinions. This is an offensive, thoughtless, and arrogant tactic for avoiding debate and demands total annulment as it is a form of abuse that strikes at the core of who we are as Australians. It is also historically ignorant and socially divisive.


... and the continuum of ideals that gives rise to it

Thinking further on my comments about Jimmy Barnes (Turning Back The ALP, Only Where It’s Safe To Do So, Larry Pickering, 23 Jul, 2015), it is perhaps timely to reflect on the worrying trend that underscores Jason Barnes’ use of the term “racist”. As I implied, the fallacious use of the term ‘racist’ has its roots in fascist stratagem.


Is the Prime Minister a crook? Part VIII

What a Cunning Stunt?

Is the Prime Minister a crook?

Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART III

Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART IV