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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at

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Singo's Eulogy For Larry

They didn't see a lot of each other over recent years, but Singo and Larry had a lifelong bond...two peas in a pod. Whenever they got together mischief, fun and trouble followed.

Ode To Larry Pickering

A tribute by Australia's Patriot Singer

Larry always seemed to attract clever, fascinating, talented, interesting people around him. I met Steve Mannix at Larry’s place a couple of years ago, and he's penned a tribute song to Larry.

Remembering Larry

Larry Pickering was laid to rest yesterday. Family and friends gathered on the Gold Coast to hear, and tell, yarns of the larrikin we all knew and loved. Lifelong mate, John Singleton, delivered the eulogy by video (he flew up from Sydney to see Larry days before he checked out).

The Larry Pickering I Knew

Our mate, Larry Pickering remained stoic and cheeky to the end. His indomitable, larrikin spirit never left him. Just last week when the docs told his wife, Carol, to let Larry have anything he wanted, he lit up with that irrepressibly irreverent grin. "Really? Anything? Can I have two sheilas, love?"


The Incredible Transformation Of Stan

Stan came from an ethnic minority community. He says he faced racism. So have I. As have millions of others. Stan faced racism as a white man with aboriginal background. I faced it as a wog dago. My surname was a curse, in that it made me a target in the 1970s. I wasn’t ashamed of my surname, but was called all sort of names I can’t repeat here.

Would You Buy A Used Republic From This Man?

HAVE I got a Republic for YOU. Don’t think you need a Republic? Think again! But you’ll have to be quick! I’ll even throw in a set of free steak knives. That’s the dodgy used car spiel being spruiked this time around to pressure YOU into buying a clapped out ‘Republic’ model.


Is the Prime Minister a crook? Part VIII

What a Cunning Stunt?

Is the Prime Minister a crook?

Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART III

Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART IV