The Pickering Post
Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Marie Hudson

Marie Hudson

Marie has a PhD. In languages and literature. She is a J.P. who is fluent in seven languages and has taught history in Africa and Australia.



The news of Larry’s departure from this vale of tears has knocked me for six. I fell down in a heap, unable to formulate any intelligent thought. The world suddenly became a darker place. I knew he wouldn’t make Christmas, but the knowledge didn’t help with the reality of the painful loss.

WTH? All I said was, “Make Yourself at Home.”

I’m sitting here, in the comfort of my old age and my beloved Australia, thinking about all the awful tragedies going on around the word, and now more and more often, also in Australia.

Australia Fair?

I was wondering whether I should wade into this interesting issue and put my tuppence worth in. Then, quite unexpectedly, I found myself in a very interesting situation, where I was actually asked for my opinion, by a group of Aboriginal people I have known for a while, and with whom I was having a meeting about domestic violence.


Life, with all its difficulties and unexpected hardships, is still pretty good if you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia. From the very beginning, being in Australia has always made me feel safe - like a healing balm, it has helped me forget those terrible events from my dreadful past.


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