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Thursday, 21st June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I apologise for this article but I have to get it off my chest. 

Idealogues and unlimited funds are a dangerous mix. Particularly when a simple Party-line vote apportions borrowings up to $300 billion to an intellectual and economic dunce. 

“I have steered this nation through a GFC”, said Wayne Swan.

What a load of frog droppings!


It was a sunny Sunday morning in Canberra and the first day of summer. Julia’s hired hand had just finished mowing her nature strip. “How many times have I told you to use the catcher Tim, bloody hell you’ve got clippings everywhere!” “Never mind Petal, settle down, I’ll run you a bath”, said Tim.


The MRRT (mining tax) that Gillard and Swan so deftly negotiated with major miners raised no tax in its first quarter and will raise very little, if anything, in ensuing quarters.

The reason? Non Royal Minerals are being stockpiled or left in the ground. Waiting for prices to recover or Abbott to gain office in under a year. He will then fulfil his promise to abandon the tax.

A JUDICIAL INQUIRY... why not Ms Gillard?

It would answer public disquiet over the massive fraud that you were responsible for. Latest polls suggest the majority of Aussies believe you are either hiding something or lying. So why not?

SLATER & GORDON... an insight into mob lawyer mentality

When Peter Gordon dragged Gillard in to explain the fraud it quickly became clear that she was not only complicit, she was a beneficiary. S&G were now terribly exposed.

WE HAVE A CRIMINAL AS PRIME MINISTER... and the Press gallery is quite comfortable with that

The Press gallery in my time was a reputable one. In those days, if two journalists had been sacked on a Prime Minister’s insistence because they were getting too close to the truth, all hell would have broken loose.

WILSON SINKS GILLARD... misogynistic, sexist nutjobs were right

Incredibly, Gillard’s ex-boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, in hamfistedly seeking to shield Gillard has inadvertently sealed her fate.



A work associate of Bruce Wilson claims he is now a mere shadow of his former self.

“I’m no mate of his”, he said. “I’m not even sure he has any mates but if what I have read about him is true, I mean if he was a man about town and a mover and shaker, he certainly isn’t that now. He is broken and delusional, sort of distant.

“The times I have spoken to him he’s been sort of odd... he opens up and tells you all sorts of stuff. Then he walks off without saying goodbye or seeya or anything!

“Sometimes he doesn’t turn up to work for days. Then when he does arrive it’s like he’s never been away. I actually quite like him but he shows all the signs of a heavy user of something.”

I asked him if Wilson had ever discussed Julia Gillard. “No, not in a direct way. He has often said his life was fucked and every relationship he ever had was fucked. He swears he has never done anything really wrong and all this talk about fraud and stuff is total bullshit.”

Oh well, he certainly had millions of union funds at his disposal while his girlfriend was unaware of any wrongdoing. Now his girlfriend has billions of Treasury funds at her disposal while her ex is unaware of any wrongdoing.

Funny how the worm turns.


I was expecting Bruce Wilson to be quite convincing, a pre-requisite of a con man, I thought. But after the first minute of the ABC interview I turned to my wife and said, “This prick is actually going to deny everything!”


A Press conference announced with insufficient notice to allow her educated accusers to catch a plane to Canberra is a clever tactic but not clever enough to absolve the Prime Minister. Those who know of Gillard’s background know of her guilt, and now there are more of them.


Bruce Wilson’s defence of Gillard was to be expected. Anything other than a defence of his ex would confirm his own guilt. And many unionists say vast sums are still hidden out there in accounts somewhere.

Bob's Xmas cards:

Thousands and I can't possibly get through them all. I have told Bob I will courier them all to him on 30th Nov. So please make that the cut-off date. Brilliant!! Thanks heaps on behalf of Bob... he was over the moon when I told him. Bob's Xmas is now likely to be better than Julia's. Unbelievable! Thanks again. Absolute ripper!

GILLARD, WILSON STOLE MILLIONS... so why a mortgage?

Bruce Wilson could have paid cash for any house (on occasions he did) but he was smart enough to know it would attract attention in Melbourne. A deposit and mortgage was an exercise in normality and barely caused a ripple. But there was another reason.


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