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Sunday, 19th August 2018

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Penguins Pray for Global Warming

For decades, climate alarmists have been attempting to trigger global cooling by killing industry with carbon taxes and absorbing solar energy with windmills, solar panels and wood-fired power stations.

The End Game is Right Here Right Now


... meanwhile Maccas coughs up $330,000 PA for heart tick

A South Australian company is paying one of many competing Islamic Halal Certification “services” (AFIC) an undisclosed monthly fee for its seal of approval. But Scholle Industries Pty Ltd, based in Elizabeth, is a manufacturer of plastic packaging (plastic is derived from oil) and has apparently been able to assure Muslim fraudsters that all oil wells are facing Mecca.

ABC a sheltered workshop for the Left


ISIS isn’t the first Islamic State to claim supremacy, there was another that reigned terror for 400 years and was based on the Barbary Coast of North Africa. They were known as the “Barbarians” (funny how that word keeps popping up). The Barbarians terrorised Mediterranean nations and as far west as America up until as late as the 19th Century. Using pirated ships they mass murdered, raped, tortured and slave-traded their way to Islamic supremacy until, around 1840, suffering nations decided enough was enough and they were snuffed out.

HAPPY FANS, so why the searches?

One hundred years of an Aussie Friday tradition is underway in Melbourne with finalists Sydney Swans’ and Hawthorn Hawks’ supporters, numbering ten thousand, all enjoying a sunny Friday. Not a word of abuse, no scuffles, no death threats just a joyful appreciation of a fine Aussie tradition.

MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS... do we ever ask what brand?

Even before good old Mohammed came along, the Middle East was already a highly “tribalised” place. They all had their different groups with their Sultans (warlords) with their differing loyalties. It was a lot like England in the middle ages with different groups vying for power and arranging marriages to keep alliances together.

Kill Kyoto Liabilities


... you'll break his heart

For God’s sake make sure you include this in any comment you make: “This crime has nothing to do with Islam and nothing to do with religion.” It seems this memo went out to every politician, public servant and copper in the country. But it has backfired. You can fool some of the people some of the time but none of the people this time.

Poor Pete is being hounded to the grave


Let’s say your name is Abdul and you are a budding Aussie terrorist from Lakemba mosque who has been invited to partake in the Islamic State Games in Syria (bugger, I shouldn’t say Islamic because that’s inflammatory). I’ll start again. Let’s say your name is Abdul and you are a budding Aussie terrorist from Lakemba presbytery who has been invited to partake in the Presbyterian State Games in Syria.


... choose your weapon Abbott!

As the US takes five Arab States on bombing missions into Syria, the prize of being the first to commit an Islamic atrocity on innocent Australians is exciting Muslims everywhere energised by the success of the Islamic State so far, and the craven weakness of our politicians.

WHAT MADE JULIA TICK... that’s not explained in her book

As Julia prepares to grace our screens and flog her “tell-nothing” book this evening, I’ve decided to revisit and update my assessment from over two years ago of our most enigmatic Prime Minister ever. Nothing much has changed and to be honest, she fascinates me to distraction.

Why Oppose the Building of a Mosque?

In local councils across Australia, and indeed most of the Western World, applications are pending for the building of new Mosques. Until recently, these applications would have been approved with little more than a rubber stamp and a few suggestions as to local planning.