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Monday, 25th March 2019

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What are They Plotting in Poland

Another Brick in the Wall

A three part series examining Australia's failing educational system

The intention of this series is not to suggest that Australians are stupid or unintelligent. On the contrary, as made evident during the years of Nazi Germany, it is possible to dupe an entire population into believing the most implausible lies and yet relatively few will protest or resist.

Singo's Eulogy For Larry

They didn't see a lot of each other over recent years, but Singo and Larry had a lifelong bond...two peas in a pod. Whenever they got together mischief, fun and trouble followed.

Ode To Larry Pickering

A tribute by Australia's Patriot Singer

Larry always seemed to attract clever, fascinating, talented, interesting people around him. I met Steve Mannix at Larry’s place a couple of years ago, and he's penned a tribute song to Larry.

Remembering Larry

Larry Pickering was laid to rest yesterday. Family and friends gathered on the Gold Coast to hear, and tell, yarns of the larrikin we all knew and loved. Lifelong mate, John Singleton, delivered the eulogy by video (he flew up from Sydney to see Larry days before he checked out).

“The Climate Bunny of the Pacific Rim”.

The new Saltbush Club has started a petition that urges Australia to exit immediately from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Religion of Peace by Piece

Scott Morrison says we have a problem with “radical, violent, extremist Islam” That is a baby step in the right direction and I applaud it. Morrison’s approach is certainly better than that of his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull and way better than Labor or the Greens.

Free Speech- What the Heck is it?

Freedom is a funny thing. Everyone is in favour of freedom in some way, but few people understand what it actually is. That isn’t really all that surprising because freedom – total freedom that is- doesn’t really exist. There isn’t such a thing.

Literary Giants of a Different Age

Rudyard Kipling is one of the best known of the late Victorian poets and storytellers. He received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907. Yet even with such high honour, many detractors neglected his work shortly after his death due to his unpopular political views.

Farewell old Friend

There is nothing worse than the sight of a grown man crying. We aren’t robots of course and sometimes we just have no choice. Like most of my gender however, I make every effort to shut myself somewhere out of sight or sound of anyone else before allowing myself to break down.

The Larry Pickering I Knew

Our mate, Larry Pickering remained stoic and cheeky to the end. His indomitable, larrikin spirit never left him. Just last week when the docs told his wife, Carol, to let Larry have anything he wanted, he lit up with that irrepressibly irreverent grin. "Really? Anything? Can I have two sheilas, love?"

Dear Mr Morrison

Dear Mr Morrison, Can you please help to get my Dad out of jail again. He keeps getting into trouble with the mozzie man who moved in next door. (He calls them mozzies ‘cos he says they sneak up and bite you when you’re not looking.)

"See ya all."

Dear Pickering Posters, Larry has asked me to give another update on his condition. Up until now, he hasn’t wanted to say too much as he hates to burden others with his problems.

The Saltbush Club

Skilled and Thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal Parliament.

A new lobby group comprising scientists, farmers, consumers, small business and big business is urging both sides of Australian politics to put aside party interests and global agendas to focus on what's best for Australian business, workers, consumers and the environment.