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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Regulator urges action on power prices

The Australian Energy Regulator says its hands are largely tied on power price rise approvals but consumers shouldn't pay too much.

Is the Prime Minister a crook?

Julia Gillard’s latest makeover appears insufficient to cover her past.

Sisters lose High Court custody challenge

A legal challenge by four Italian-Australian sisters battling to stay in Australia has failed in the High Court.

Poll suggests Labor's vote up five points

Labor's primary vote is improving, the latest Newspoll suggests, but the government is still well behind the opposition on a two-party preferred basis.

SA still opposed to Murray plan

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says a revised draft plan to save the Murray still isn't good enough.

Govt muzzles free press: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has rejected the need for more media regulation, accusing the federal government of wanting to stifle debate.

Corruption not endemic, says Racing Vic

The head of Victoria's peak horse racing body says an alleged race-fixing incident being investigated by police is a one-off.

What Blewitt Has On Gillard Is Big

Whistleblower Ralph Blewitt is safely in the arms of The Australian newspaper while he awaits an assurance of indemnity from prosecution by police.

Asylum-seeker travel costs $70m: report

Australian taxpayers have stumped out almost $70 million over 11 months to shuttle illegal asylum seekers around the country, a TV station says.

Another boatload of asylum seekers arrives

HMAS Albany has stopped a vessel carrying 64 asylum seekers and four crew en route to Australia.

Gillard's ex a 'crook'

Police wanted to prosecute Prime Minister Julia Gillard's former partner over an alleged $400,000 union fraud in the 1990s, it's been reported

Australia cancels 'Captain Emad' visa

Accused smuggling boss Captain Emad has had his visa cancelled and won't be able to return to Australia.

Swan says no story in Gillard-AWU link

Acting prime minister Wayne Swan says there are 'no significant implications' in a story about Julia Gillard and an Australian Workers Union official.

Federal minister Shorten eats humble pie

Federal Workplace Minister Bill Shorten has denied swearing and abusing a Melbourne shopkeeper over remarks about pies and the prime minister.