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Saturday, 21st April 2018

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Boat surge lowers overseas refugee claims

The surge in boat arrivals is hampering the government's efforts to resettle refugees from camps around the world, Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury says.

Malaysia Is No Solution Now

Newman 'sick and tired' of Labor taxes

Premier Campbell Newman says Queenslanders are "sick and tired" of the federal government's new taxes and charges.

Jai Abberton arrested on NSW north coast

Police say the man who fatally punched teenager Thomas Kelly appears to have been caught on CCTV attacking another man just minutes before.

Teen's attacker out to cause grief: police

The man who fatally bashed a young trainee accountant in Sydney's Kings Cross had assaulted another man just minutes earlier, police say.

LNP asked to scrap climate change lessons

The Liberal National Party will be asked to consider 101 resolutions at its annual convention, including removing "environmental propaganda" from schools.

Olympic Dam Project Dumped

Deloittes has joined J P Morgan in casting a shadow over Australia's mining future rendering Swan's surplus a mere mirage. The MRRT and Carbon Tax has plunged a knife in the heart of Australia's economy as China winds back preparing for a possible World-wide recession.