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Tuesday, 16th October 2018

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Help shoppers buy Aussie: Greens say

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne is planning to introduce a bill to make it easier for shoppers to choose Australian-grown foods.

Olympic Dam to Sink S.A.

“If Olympic Dam goes we’re stuffed. This is all we have, everything else is on the skids with no prospect of improvement.”

Talk of 'anglosphere' too risky, Carr says

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has seemingly taken a swipe at Tony Abbott, saying any talk of an 'anglosphere' is risky.

Woolworths threatens legal action

Union boss Paul Howes says he won't be intimidated by Woolworths' "legal threats and bully-boy tactics" over the union's petrol campaign.

I never picked a fight on NDIS: Baillieu

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu says he has never sought to brawl with Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the NDIS.

IGIS keeps tabs on Aussie spies abroad

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has told the heads of Australia's foreign intelligence posts that out of sight isn't out of mind.

Keneally's husband makes NSW council tilt

The husband of former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, Ben Keneally, has won Labor preselection for the Botany mayoralty.

PM Gillard dances with Wolverine

With the Labor caucus howling over poor polls, Prime Minister Julia Gillard's tough edge has won praise from Wolverine star Hugh Jackman.

VC inquiry tribunal winds up hearings

The Honours and Awards Tribunal has concluded its inquiry into a proposal to award the Victoria Cross retrospectively to 13 servicemen.

NDIS failure would be tragedy: supporter

An employer of people with disabilities says it would be a tragedy if the NDIS failed to get off the ground.

Anne Ruston to replace Fisher in SA

Anne Ruston has won a bitter Liberals preselection battle in South Australia to replace Senator Mary Jo Fisher, who is quitting politics.

AWU backs Gillard leadership: Howes

Australian Workers' Union boss Paul Howes says his union supports Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Pollies are on the nose, Weatherill says

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says Australians are sick of politicans who can't agree on key issues.

Inflation doesn't worry the central bank

Inflation appears under control, so the central bank is unlikely to cut official interest rate when its board meets on the first Tuesday in August.

Gillard lacks courage on NDIS: Newman

Campbell Newman has confirmed reports he had offered to back the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if it was paid for by the pay-as-you-go tax system.

Police probe resolved soon: MP Vasta

Queensland coalition MP Ross Vasta says he is looking forward to a speedy resolution of a federal police probe into a private matter.

'Important win' for disabled, Gillard says

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she is confident there will now be launch sites for the NDIS in Victoria and NSW.

Historian's daughter takes on Wilkie

Anna Reynolds, daughter of Henry and Margaret Reynolds, will be the Greens candidate to take on independent Andrew Wilkie in the federal seat of Denison.

Sell-off of two NSW ports move forward

The $2 billion plan to privatise two NSW ports will go ahead, Treasure Mike Baird says.