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Monday, 18th June 2018

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Underestimate Abbott At Your Own Risk

Okay, he isn't the sort of bloke blokes gravitate to. You wouldn't go out on the town with him for a bit of pollinating.

NSW, Victoria continue NDIS talks

Australia's largest states have not given up on a joint bid to host launch sites for a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS to be launched in two states and ACT

Julia Gillard says the federal government has reached an agreement with two states and a territory to launch the national disability insurance scheme.

Gillard Treads Softly On Union Fraud

Pieces of the puzzle slide further into place as the big picture of Government links to union fraud becomes clearer.

PHONE HACKING:Coulson, Brooks Face Multiple Criminal Charges

The extensive Leveson Inquiry has resulted in the UK Crown Prosecutor outlining multiple charges to be laid against Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and six others.

No Rules, No Transgression

China would prosper with democracy: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says China would benefit from political reforms to match its economic liberalisation.

Oppn says Labor vote still over the cliff

The federal opposition says Labor's vote has failed to climb back over the cliff it fell off when the government announced the carbon tax.

PM writes to media bosses over regulation

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has offered a compromise with media executives concerned about possible moves to tighten regulations.

Carbon tax dislike 'can be turned around'

The Climate Institute says opposition to carbon pricing can be turned around if it is explained and both government and business take the lead.

Poor governance, nepotism in HSU: <br>Report

A report into the disgraced HSU East branch has shown excessive claims on credit cards, misuse of union funds, levels of nepotism and poor governance.

The final report by Ian Temby QC and accountant Dennis Robertson, leaked comprehensively on Monday, found HSU East policies for obtaining goods and services involved few or no competitive tenders, much to the detriment of the workers.

Voter support for Labor drops below 30pc

Voter support for Labor has dropped below 30 per cent for the first time in three months despite government cash handouts to middle Australia.

Bob Carr denies Romney diplomatic gaffe

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has dismissed reports he made a diplomatic gaffe during a meeting with US presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


BHP Billiton is already moving to halt its Olympic Dam project in Roxby Downs, the largest uranium deposit in the world. Green groups are celebrating at the gates of the project claiming safety risks associated with earthquakes and uranium.

Deloittes has joined J P Morgan in casting a shadow over Australia's entire mining future while rendering Swan's surplus a mere mirage.

The Press Fiddles While Oz Burns