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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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News Limited has announced further changes to its newsroom structure with expected jobs losses to number 65.

Gillard shrugs off Fortescue job cuts

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for calm on fears about the mining investment pipeline after Fortescue Mining Group defered expansion plans.

Uncle Gough Stuffed It

To understand the deplorable state of our kids' education you first need to know how it was stuffed so it is never allowed to happen again.


Environment Minister Tony Burke says a private member's bill in parliament could increase his powers to ban a controversial super-trawler.

Oppn wants rethink on indigenous spending

Programs to combat indigenous disadvantage are drifting aimlessly, the federal opposition claims.


Julia Gillard makes a lot of grand statements she, or we, can't afford to fund. Again today she committed $6.5 billion spending to education reforms. She wants the States to pay 70% of the bill. The problem here is (a) the States know nothing about it (b) the States can't afford it because most States are still grappling with State Labor debts in the billions of dollars. Like Rudd, she doesn't consult yet makes bold announcements with no detail. She justified getting rid of Rudd for this very reason.


“Private Schools will not be disadvantaged in funding”, so say Gillard and her Left advisers. This is another sneaky lie. Make no mistake, socialists  detest “elite” Private Schools, always have. So, hidden away in the legislation is the proviso that all funds from private donors must now be declared by the receiving Private School. Businessmen who have always donated “spare” cash to assist the Private School their kid(s) attend will now be forced to expose themselves to rapacious ATO audits. Of course many will run a mile. Looks like parents who want the best education for their kids will need to work a little harder. Socialist plots continue to unfold.

Retailers want RBA action as sales dive

Retailers hope an unexpected dive in spending will prompt the Reserve Bank to cut rates, but economists doubt it will move on Tuesday.

Foreign bid for Cubbie splits coalition

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce is at odds with the Queensland government and the federal coalition over the sale of Cubbie Station to a foreign buyer.

Govt will fund school promises: Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says federal Labor is willing to "step up and provide additional resources" to help pay for its new schools funding plan.

A Non-Existent Future Fund

Those on death row have a last wish; a no-expense-spared last meal. Gillard is now booking her future expensive meals in hell... and at our expense. NBN, Gonski, NDIS, dental scheme and array of endless idealistic "reforms" and tax schemes the Loony Left are determined to make Abbott-proof. They will probably be successful. Gillard is throwing around yet-to-be-earned cash like there is no tomorrow. She knows she won't be responsible for the massive debt. She will be doing okay on her bloated pensions and perks but we will be paying off debt and interest for generations. She has taken fiscal irresponsibility to new heights. Gillard can wreck the rented House for one more year and we will have no hope of retrieving the bond.

Qld govt justifies 400 IT sackings

Queensland Information Technology Minister Ros Bates says the state government has saved taxpayers $40,000 an hour by sacking almost 400 IT contractors.

Teacher strike may close 400 Vic schools

Up to 400 Victorian schools may be shut down on Wednesday as 35,000 of the state's teachers are scheduled to strike in a bid to win a huge pay rise.

Bryce calls on community to protect kids

With more than 30,000 children being abused or neglected every year in Australia, child protection is everyone's business, says Quentin Bryce.

PM 'Sexually Persecuted'

IN RECENT weeks we have learnt that Julia Gillard has been the subject of ''vile and misogynist'' assaults on websites and Facebook. Even though she is a public figure, does she have any redress?

Blood On Our Hands

Parliament’s perennial conscience, Lib MP Mal Washer’s claim that politicians have blood on their hands is near the mark. The Taliban practice of beheading opponents and apostates of Islam is a Koran edict. These savages commit these acts whether we are there or not. They laugh at us. The might of the World’s armed forces has not swayed them from their despicable Sharia law! It never will. Our boys’ efforts are better served back here dismantling Afghani terrorist cells that arrived here in those boats at Gillard’s invitation and at our expense. Come home and protect Australians, not decadent Afghanis. But spray the poppies first.

62 asylum seekers reach Christmas Island

Authorities have intercepted a boat carrying 62 asylum seekers and two crew northeast of Christmas Island.