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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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The Left Press is embarrassing themselves trying to offset the Gillard/Wilson scandal with claims of Abbott punching a wall close to someone’s head 35 years ago. 

Abbott story not from ALP dirt unit: Marr

David Marr has rejected a suggestion by Tony Abbott that a Labor dirt unit was behind damaging allegations published in this month's Quarterly Essay.

Blame game starts on Qld credit downgrade

The blame game has started with Labor and the LNP pointing the finger at each other over a credit agency's decision to downgrade Queensland's rating.

Australia to take 1000 Syrian refugees

As preparations were made to send asylum seekers to Nauru, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced 1000 refugees from Syria would be resettled.


Islamic terrorism is clearly alive and well. The Koran instructs we non-Islamists must be beheaded and our fingers lopped (Koran, Sura 8:12). They believe they are ordered by Mohammed to rule the World.


Relying on smaller trawlers to catch fish quotas is only favoured by ignorant  GetUp and Green gophers. The fact is that by fishing inner areas with small trawlers the bycatch imperils seals, turtles and other species that frequent peripheral coral outcrops.

Al-Furqan centre closed after terror raids

A resident who lives near Melbourne's Al-Furqan centre, which was raided by counter-terrorism officers, says there's never been any trouble there.

Govt insulting fish scientists; Lib MP

A Liberal MP has accused the government of insulting Australia's fish scientists as debate on the super trawler resumes.

Man linked with terror plot faces court

A man accused of collecting documents to facilitate terrorist acts has faced court after a series of police raids in Melbourne's southeast.


Objectivity and Michelle Grattan were always items of unfamiliarity. She is now pushing 70 and on an ALP mission to degrade Abbott (for punching a wall 35 years ago) while at the same time religiously defending Gillard and her farcical recent Press conference “explaining” the Wilson scandal, with terms like, “...that should now be the end of it.”

How to be a good politician

Chutzpah, hypocrisy and a rhino's hide are the virtues you need to make a mark in our out-of-control federal parliament.

Abbott has gone silent over carbon: Swan

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan says Tony Abbott has gone silent for the past week because he is having trouble selling his anti carbon tax message.

Mining tax in a further mess: Coalition

The Queensland government's decision to increase the rate of royalties on coal puts a further dent in the federal government's mining tax revenue.


The true Minister for Fisheries, Big Bill Ludwig’s little boy Joe Ludwig, has been kept noticeably absent in the Margiris debate. This has the smell of his “live export ban” debacle.

Seafish lobbies crossbenchers on trawler

The operators of the controversial super-trawler Abel Tasman are hoping the federal government's legislation to ban the boat will be defeated.

Boats a Rudd ticket to UNSC

Rudd’s dismantling of Nauru processing was part of his determined tilt at a seat on the UN Security Council.