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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Public servants not for dirty work: Hockey

The Coalition has accused the Gillard Government of misusing public servants for political point-scoring and say the public service should be independent.

ISRAEL ON WAR FOOTING...tens of thousands in Golan drill

Israeli Defence Force reservists were this week drafted without notice.


Anti-Israel protest held in Parramatta

About 50 protesters held banners at Westfield shopping mall in Parramatta accusing Israel of terrorism and genocide, after marching from a nearby square.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s gift of $500m to build 2,000 Islamic “madrassahs” in Indonesia, the World’s largest Islamic nation, may prove to be retrogressive.

BHP pulls plans for Qld coal mine

BHP has withdrawn a proposed underground coal mine in Queensland from the federal government's environmental assessment process.

Senator accuses WWF of running racket

A Queensland senator has accused the World Wildlife Foundation of running a campaign against beef farmers under the veil of sustainability.


US Ambassador to Libya being dragged through the streets before being publicly sodomised and then murdered.... and who are those who have taken to the streets in protest? Who said "sorry"? Ms Clinton said sorry.... "We had nothing to do with that despicable video."

Worse ahead for Vic Islamic rally

Police in Melbourne are preparing for the worst ahead of a planned Muslim protest on Sunday, with fears that it could be taken over by violent activists.

Christian Lobby welcomes no-gay vote

The federal lower house has voted down a bill on same-sex marriage, sparking a positive reaction from the Australian Christian Lobby.


Normally complacent Australians are using social network to display a level of anger not seen before. Phone lines are jammed to the shock jocks and they are demanding to be heard. There is frustration that a peaceful demonstration organised to protest at Islamic violence has been stopped by Police.

People smuggler allowed to appeal

An Indonesian people smuggler has been given leave to appeal after he was jailed for a mandatory minimum three years.

Controversial sheik lecture cancelled

A lecture on the anti-Islam video Innocence of Muslims by controversial Sheik Feiz Mohammed has been cancelled.

Labor faces spending rebellion: Hockey

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has warned there is a "time bomb" in the federal budget because of "reckless expenditure".


On recent trips to Europe it was hard not to notice cultural globalisation. There were the normal Pakistani, Indian, Sudanese, Bangladeshi etc suburbs. None was a ghetto. There was one suburb missing. It was a Negro suburb. “Why is that?”, I thought to myself. Then it became obvious...of course, they had assimilated. 

Swan dismisses childcare top-up reports

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says there's no basis to media reports the government will top up the wages of low-paid childcare workers.