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Friday, 20th April 2018

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Hey Dad! star bailed for hearing

Hey Dad! TV star Robert Hughes has been granted bail by a London court while he awaits an extradition hearing on child sex allegations.

211 on latest asylum-seeker boat

Two navy patrol boats have gone to an area northeast of Christmas Island to assist an asylum-seeker vessel carrying 211 people.

Green-tape cuts on parliament's agenda

The federal parliament should deal with laws to cut green tape and protect whistleblowers in the public service before the end of the year.

Vic fears NDIS trial 'breach of faith'

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to confirm a NDIS trial in the state.

Is the Prime Minister a crook? PART II

Gillard's old enemies are singing like canaries. They have seen the whites of her eyes and they are moving in for the kill

Gillard 'deceives' over power cost: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the prime minister's attempt to blame the states for power price rises is 'deceptive'.

Four Long-Suffering Sisters

This emotive story was covered extensively on my emails, blog and facebook. I had constant and close contact with the father, Tomasso.

Regulator urges action on power prices

The Australian Energy Regulator says its hands are largely tied on power price rise approvals but consumers shouldn't pay too much.

Is the Prime Minister a crook?

Julia Gillard’s latest makeover appears insufficient to cover her past.

Sisters lose High Court custody challenge

A legal challenge by four Italian-Australian sisters battling to stay in Australia has failed in the High Court.

The Princess and The Pea

I can't help thinking about the Princess and the Pea. You remember that old Hans Christian Andersen fable? It's been on my mind a bit lately.