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Sunday, 19th August 2018

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It seems everyone is now getting up from the floor after receiving their post-carbon tax power bill. Screams of WTF!!!! are resounding from Hobart to Darwin and Perth to Sydney.

MINING: Gillard digs herself a hole

The carbon tax is unravelling fast. It seems whatever Gillard dreams of tonight she will try to implement over breakfast tomorrow. This crazy tax had nought to do with emissions, was poorly designed and, like all other green/red thought bubbles, doomed to failure. Gillard and Swan’s outrageous spending is contingent on this and other imposts on mining. They never considered an inevitable downturn in demand or world prices. They didn’t allow for mining programs being shelved at the rate of one a day. The mining boom is over, the dollar is high, the pipeline of dreams is hollow, China is taking a smoko and we are now in debt $230 billion, paying interest at $100 million a day and dangerously less competitive in a highly volatile business. Thank you Julia... thank you ball boys. 

Gina's zone idea "worth exploring": Hockey

Gina Rinehart's call for a special economic zone in Australia's north needs further discussion, opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says.


She should not have lasted this long. Her stonewalling of a weak and crippled Press is overt and purposeful. A Press of old would never have tolerated this.

Climate plan axed to help budget: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the government's dumping of a plan to shut down some coal-fired power stations is a budget patch-up.

Vic teachers threaten 38-hour week in 2013

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu says his government's offer to make the state's best teachers the highest paid in Australia is a good one.


The digital age is ripping the heart out of iconic mastheads as advertising and circulation is swallowed by on-line consumer preference. Unless CEOs grasp the nettle, admit defeat and embrace the new information age, Gillard will have little left to blackmail them with. Demanding people pay for their news is an arrogant ask. News belongs to no-one and everyone. Today’s news has only an intrinsic value, yesterday’s has no value. The town crier is broke and he wants you to pay to listen but why pay for something you can hear over the fence anyway?

Cubbie Station Boxes Ticked

Chinese investment in Cubbie Station is a win / win for China and for Australian jobs. Trade with China is essential to Australia’s wealth and financial health. There are safeguards in place to meet stringent national interest tests, and the Cubbie Station purchase ticked all the boxes. Barnaby Joyce’s objections are based on nationalism, but Australia is not an inward looking backwater. We’ll always need foreign investment. This $300 million injection from China and the jobs flow is a much needed boost to the area, the State of Queensland and the working families.


News Limited has announced further changes to its newsroom structure with expected jobs losses to number 65.

Gillard shrugs off Fortescue job cuts

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for calm on fears about the mining investment pipeline after Fortescue Mining Group defered expansion plans.

Uncle Gough Stuffed It

To understand the deplorable state of our kids' education you first need to know how it was stuffed so it is never allowed to happen again.


Environment Minister Tony Burke says a private member's bill in parliament could increase his powers to ban a controversial super-trawler.

Oppn wants rethink on indigenous spending

Programs to combat indigenous disadvantage are drifting aimlessly, the federal opposition claims.


Julia Gillard makes a lot of grand statements she, or we, can't afford to fund. Again today she committed $6.5 billion spending to education reforms. She wants the States to pay 70% of the bill. The problem here is (a) the States know nothing about it (b) the States can't afford it because most States are still grappling with State Labor debts in the billions of dollars. Like Rudd, she doesn't consult yet makes bold announcements with no detail. She justified getting rid of Rudd for this very reason.


“Private Schools will not be disadvantaged in funding”, so say Gillard and her Left advisers. This is another sneaky lie. Make no mistake, socialists  detest “elite” Private Schools, always have. So, hidden away in the legislation is the proviso that all funds from private donors must now be declared by the receiving Private School. Businessmen who have always donated “spare” cash to assist the Private School their kid(s) attend will now be forced to expose themselves to rapacious ATO audits. Of course many will run a mile. Looks like parents who want the best education for their kids will need to work a little harder. Socialist plots continue to unfold.