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Monday, 18th February 2019

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FOUR GIRLS' MOTHER... evil to the bitter end

The girls’ mother stood by and watched her children be dragged, crying, to a waiting plane. She had told her children she would not be going back with them so the children would tell the court they wanted to stay. The trauma for girls was a small matter for the mother in her final attempt to muster media support. When the girls were on the plane she told a reporter that she would return “tomorrow”. She was always going to return. She has custody awarded to her by an Italian court. There seems there is no depth of indecency this woman will not stoop to.


AN Australian filmmaker has refused to sell footage of a firestorm to former US vice-president Al Gore - to use in Mr Gore's climate presentations - because the event was unrelated to climate change.


A simple question to a child that simple magistrates have never grasped. Invariably, the child’s answer to this question without hesitation will be, “BOTH”... and that should be the basis of all judgment.

VICTORY FOR 4 GIRLS (disgrace for manipulating mother)

Not sure what radio station it was now but I did say about four months back that there was only one way this disaster could end: “These poor girls must return to Italy.”

...gave proof through the night that Jones' flag was still there

Alan Jones is sitting at home organising another program on 2GB with a grin from ear to ear.

The ALP is still in a muck lather, excited at the prospect that it could castrate its most strident critic.


GREG HUNT, ONE OF THE FEW DECENT MEN IN PARLIAMENT This is his take on the Jones saga

Alan Jones was wrong and the ALP is hypocritical
BY: GREG HUNT From: The Australian October 02, 2012 12:00AM
THIS is a dangerous piece to write. But here we go. It concerns the search for both a higher discourse in public life and the use of selective outrage for advancing particular political causes.


It wasn’t Alan Jones because he was addressing a private function. It wasn’t any member of the Young Libs. It certainly wasn’t Abbott. So who confronted Julia with this offensive remark? Who was it that brought the comment to national notice. If Julia was genuinely hurt by the remark, there is only one person responsible for hurting her: It was a certain ALP sympathiser, Jonathan Marshall. He was there to surreptitiously assist the ALP. Only the person who taped the address can be responsible because Julia would have no knowledge of the remark, even now, without his revelation.Has this person been asked to apologise? Hardly, when it was an ALP sanctioned act of political sabotage, at Julia’s expense, committed by Marshall, whose only aim was to embarrass Jones and provide manure to the ALP manure spreaders. Apparently Marshall and the ALP thought it was worth hurting Julia simply to achieve a gotcha on Jones. No wonder Left wing journalism is on a reputational footing with used car salesmen.



Alan Jones has had better days.

Jones’ comments in 2005 about Lebanese Muslims, just days before the Cronulla riots, were found to have incited racial hatred. The finding has been the subject of appeal.


Justice Steven Rares of the Federal Court lambasted Peter Slipper for a “no show” today.

Slipper is being sued for sexual harassment by his staffer James Ashby. The first respondent, the Commonwealth, settled with Mr Ashby for $50,000 late last week.

Slipper and Ashby to attend mediation

Speaker Peter Slipper and his former staffer James Ashby have been ordered to attend mediation by a Federal Court judge.



Woolworths’ false indignation does not extend beyond its cash registers. If it did, then the retailer might consider its vile determination to send Australian farmers to the wall in the pursuit of an extra margin. If Woolworths is genuine in its concern for propriety it would pull the plug on its thousands of poker machines that destroy the very same families it asks to buy its produce.


Alan Jones, who follows a conservative line on most issues, remains an unrelenting target for Labor in its attempt to regain lost electoral ground.


A close friend of mine once encountered a man of Bayley’s ilk.
This man broke into my friend's home in Sydney and raped his mother in front of his 10 year old sister and 4 year old brother. My friend was not home at the time.
This man then brutally murdered the two children in front of their bound mother, then murdered the mother. This man, too, was on parole. After his incarceration for this offence he escaped and promptly raped two 17 year old girls. He was imprisoned again. He was then allowed to send the two distraught girls a Xmas card each.There is no relief for my friend because this man continuously applies for further parole requiring submissions from the family and reopening fresh wounds that can’t ever heal. There is a sick delight for these type of people in antagonising their victims while enjoyably re-living the details of their crimes. Requests for legal/political correctness fall on deaf earsIf the ridiculous notion that the Bayleys of this world could ever be set free to murder again, it would be me who would be promptly charged with murder, and with no regrets, because this man’s face is tattooed on my brain.

His name is Cribb. My Friend’s name is Garry.

WOOLWORTHS the chicken shit people

Woolworths and others need to decide who they are responsible to: Shareholders or politically correct bleeding hearts. Because they will be scurrying back to the Alan Jones’ program accepting a worse deal than before.


Facebook has refused to delete social networking sites expressing anger at the accused killer of Jill Meagher. Attorneys General are meeting to formulate plans to control what is considered a threat to the judicial process.

Liberals deflect Jones strife

Federal Labor has drawn the coalition's ire by saying Alan Jones' offensive comments reflect an environment created by the opposition.

Facebook, Vic police discuss Meagher sites

Facebook is yet to comply with a Victoria Police request to remove sites inciting hatred and violence in response to the death of Jill Meagher.

'No words' to describe Meagher family loss

The family of Irish-born ABC radio employee Jill Meagher say they can't describe their devastation as a man stands accused of her rape and murder.